Monday, April 7, 2008

More Mix 'n' Match

First a couple of house-keeping items:

1. I have decided to call the Man of the House, MOTH for short, but please note, I am not a butterfly, social or otherwise. Definitely not 'social' quite the opposite in fact; and LOTH doesn't seem quite fitting.

2.What was that green thing in my last post?

Here it is.... Before... and After. An ugly, bright white sprinkler. It's not very artistically disguised because I haven't had much practice in doing this. But it is an effective way to get rid of a distracting item in a photograph, when it is used properly. I used my Microsoft Digital Imaging program which can do all kind of magical tricks.

Here's another one. Can you find the item I put in that doesn't belong there?

Answer at the end of the column.

After we visited the Flower Fields the other day, we stopped off at the new Lagoon Discovery Center on Cannon Road, near Legoland. It is still under development but it has a great view of one of the coastal lagoons that are so famous along our stretch of coast. They have a small but interesting selection of items in a kind of museum area. Sometime in the future they will put down trails through the marshes and wetlands.

I think they should also have a little tea room -- nothing more touristy just tea, coffee and cold drinks, because that isn't its prime purpose. Although I did do a little birdwatching while we were there, I was much more interested in their beautiful black dog. I think it was an Akita but I'm not well up on dog breeds.

I should have taken more photos and so I was going to go back today to get a photo of the dog "Bear". But I am on some wretched sulpher drug for a few days and it just makes me too sick to walk or drive.

Bear greeted us with growls but left us with many kisses. Her face does really look like a bear. You see I do like dogs, almost more than cats, and that's saying a lot. Unfortunately I couldn't have a dog as it would be too much like a child for me. I would get so attached I would never be able to leave it when we travel. It's hard enough to leave Bailey. But now I know where Bear is, (only about 10 minutes away), I can be a visiting aunt to her!!

This is a part of their succulent garden. I hope they get a lot of support because the center has many possibilities for natural development.


Mrs. Sunley's Shop -- High Street, Flamborough.

This is the latest ATC I have made. Copied from a
photograph taken about fifteen years ago. It was
a place where I would buy sweets (candy) when
I was about 11 years old - especially licorice sherbet!

I'm still using the pen and ink style and coloring

afterwards. Unfortunately, the card on which I
did this doesn't have a smooth enough surface
to take the Prisma Colors well.

"Who says I never play? I do when I feel like
it but I'd rather watch you trying to make me play."
ANSWER: The small red flower at extreme right. I put it there to cover a plastic clip I'd left on the table.


mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Chris,
Loved these pictures. Really inspired me as I have some bulbs to plant and the snow prevented me from doing so yesterday.

You will love my post today, lots of yorkshire.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I hate finding things in pictures but did find the flower on the table - I was so proud of myself! Mind you I didn't realise it was plastic! How about a picture of Bear one day???? I can see personality on Bailey's face or is it attitude?!

ChrisJ said...

No, the flower wasn't there. I just got a picture off the computer and put it over the plastic clip, so that it covered it up. It's all computer magic.

I hope to go down to see Bear on Friday. They are only open Mon.,Wed., and Friday and I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow.

That is definitely attitude on Bailey's face. He doesn't bite or scratch, but he knows what he wants and has an attitude if he doesn't get it. He's quite upset at the moment. Barry left yesterday and Bailey is watching the garage door for him to come home. A car horn went just now and he stopped playing with me and went straight into the hall and sat looking at the door!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW! Hullo Mrs NEsbitt! Fancy meeting you here! Hehehe!


I like your cat. He looks a bit annoyed though. Did the camera disturb him?

We liked looking at all your pictures on your other blog and went right back to the beginning. Sorry to ask but what does "ATC" stand for?

Mummy draws in coloured pencil too but hasn't for a long time. We keep nagging her to again..