Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Different Camera - Better Photos?

I dug out MOTH'S old digital camera which he had received as a gift but we hadn't used it much because it is too heavy for him to carry overseas all the time. But this camera has 6X magnification, whereas the small, neat little Sony I carry everywhere with me has only 3X magnification. The first three of these photos of the scrub jay were taken today with the 6X and I do believe they are better than those I took before.

The photo below is taken with the smaller camera at high magnification, and I think you will agree there is quite a difference.

This next photo was taken last week when I went to my favorite Mexican Restaurant,
Rosarita's. It is in Oceanside on Oceanside Boulevard. The couple who own it go to our church and almost any night of the week we will meet someone we know while there.

The beautiful flowers were made by one of their friends, with Duct tape!!


Tomorrow is my Bible Study Day and now I have been asked to fill in at the church office on Thursday and Friday (vacation time, you know) so I will probably not be able to post again until the weekend. But I'm still visiting all my blogging friends, even if I haven't written any comments.


Betty Flocken said...

Beautiful photos Chris! They are clearer with the larger camera, I agree. I'll look forward to your next post.

Jose said...

Ummmm! Mexican food. Did you say with duct tape? Wow!

Kaybee said...

Those are awesome photos, Chris -- I am jealous of your (new) camera! DOTH (daughter of the house) is back so now I get to use my good camera again, but it doesn't take such good photos as yours -- well done!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the larger camera is better - actually no contest!!!
Enjoy your time working....

Wanda said...

The photography is wonderful. Those birds just come to life.

And the flowers ~~ duck tape!

Have fun working at the church!!

Thanks for your prayers for our daughter.

claude said...

Great shots, Chris ! The bird and flowers !