Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quick Tour

Every afternoon about 4:30 about a dozen or more sparrows come for their supper. They congregate in this bouganvillea and make a great racket. One would hope they were saying grace before they eat.

How many sparrows can you see in this photo? I assure you there are at least ten. (Click twice).

Answer at the end of the blog.

Here are four of them after everyone flew away.

This is a new succulent we added just recently. Its name is Kalanchoes and the flowers are a bright orange. We also have another one whose flowers are a bouganvillia red.

This is just one of four branches of our plumeria each of which are bearing many bud and quite a few flowers.

And since I haven't posted a photo of Bailey for at least a month, I just had to include this one, taken today.

ANSWER: I could only find four. I marked just below them with a purple dot. Maybe you can see more.

You will need to click twice on these photos to see the birds.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if counting (or trying to count) birds early in the morning is an easy thing to do... but I did try!

Betty Flocken said...

I counted four too! on the top one. I love that orange pant. Wonder if it'd grow in AZ

ChrisJ said...


Our plant is mostly in the shade and in airy spot, so it doesn't get too hot. It gets a little dappled sunshine in the morning. I believe it is supposed to be an indoor plant, but I think it is pretty hardy. We have not tried to keep one over the winter yet

Wanda said...

"Beautiful, Beautiful blue eyes....I'll never love brown eyes again...."

Bailey is Beautiful....Meow..

Jose said...

Wow, those are indeed some cool blue eyes. I too counted four only and strainded my eyes in the process. lol Love those orange flowers too.

Jose said...

Chris, my daughter has a new post in her blog that you just have to check out. I'm a proud grandpa, yes I am. Here's the link

claude said...

Yes !I saw four sparrows. All the flowers you show are very nice and bailey is a very beautiful cat. Does Bailey catch some sparrows ?

ChrisJ said...

Claude: No, Bailey doesn't get to catch any sparrows, just drool over them from the patio window. I throw seed outside the window so Bailey has some entertainment. We had to sign an agreement when we bought him that he would be an indoor cat only -- much to his disgust! That doesn't stop him from meowing pitifully from the window when we are sitting on the patio! He has escaped a few times but only momentarily.

Kaybee said...

We get those late evening sparrows also. They congregate in our mulberry tree and you can't see them at all -- only as they fly in and out. You can only see the leaves all a-shaking!! But they make such a racket. I guess they are looking for insects and saying, "This one's mine! No you can't have it! Find your own!"

We love the Kalanchoe plant and have had a few. We've always kept them indoors, and the best way to keep them flowering is to pinch off the dead flowers once they have shrivelled and turned brown. They have flowered for almost a year, but after that even pinching the dead ones doesn't seem to help bring more flowers. The colours of the flowers are so vivid -- we have had pink and purple. Your orange is beautiful!

ChrisJ said...

Jose: So you should be --a proud Grandpa, that is! They are happy healthy and handsome!! As for Michelle, she does a pretty good job at writing! Her blog is so interesting and she writes so smoothly. Seems like it just comes easily to her and that's a great talent.

Jose said...

I'm glad I found your second blog. All this time I didn't know you had two.

Chris, Joe Cool's Blog has been my main blog for a little bit over two years now, as you can see we love taking pictures and I wanted to post at least a picture a day, that's why a month later after the Joe Cool's Blog was born I created the Arizona... But It's a Dry Heat photo blog.

I try to keep both fresh, interesting, and clean as all my family comes to read them. My Joe Cool's Blog theme is mainly my family life. In a big Mexican family such as mine, there's never a dull moment or a free weekend. I hope you continue to visit it often.