Friday, August 15, 2008

Goldfinches and Finding Gold

Finally managed to get some photos of the goldfinches that are now visiting us on a regular basis. I used our old Sony camera, so am getting better shots, though I think my hand was shaking on a couple. I had to stand so still and for so long to get these photos. I was about 10 feet away and just partially behind some bushes. These are Lesser Goldfinches. They are not so brightly yellow as the regular ones and have more green on their backs. The males do still have the black caps. For you who are from England, the American Goldfinch is not at all like the English goldfinch.


Here I am looking all official at the start of my Ladies Bible Study, with a bit of a crooked smile. Actually, this is a very familiar pose for me ('tho I wasn't posing here, someone surprised me), since I was a teacher and a principal for about 45 years, so I have quite a few photos of this kind -- just makes it easier to follow the aging process when I look at them!!! I must say I NEVER expected to be teaching a Bible Study at seventy years old. It just sounds too old. But I'm having a great time, mainly because I am so enjoying the research and study from all the books my husband has available. Don't I look the real 'school marm'?

We are studying Hosea. Just to pique your curiosity, if you don't know anything about the book written by Hosea, let me ask you: Why on earth would God ask Hosea to marry a prostitute?
Answer that question and you've got your foot in the door. But you do have to know a little about the background and times of Hosea (800BC approximately) to get much further. More than that, if you understand that God says it is really important to REALLY know Him, not just what someone else tells you about Him -- or doesn't tell you--then you're on the right track. I think my ladies are enjoying the study. I know I am.


Betty Flocken said...

You look lovely! I'm going to have to look up Hosea now.

Jose said...

My dad initiated Bible Studies in Spanish at our church, before him they had none. Now that he is gone my sister took over and she is doing an exceptional job. You look very regal in that picture.

Sidharth said...

Beautiful site =)

What would be reason God asked Hosea to marry a prostitute?

Of course I know the message God had for Israel. But what is the reason you have?


Bless Him....Sid

ChrisJ said...

Welcome, Sidharth: My answer is partially the same as yours. Desperate times call for desperate measures. God had been pleading with Israel for hundreds of years to give up their idol worship, but it only got worse. In fact since the time of Jeroboam the Israelites convinced themselves that their idols were actually God Himself. The Lord sent many prophets and allowed many events to happen to get the attention of the C. of I. and all to no avail. By the time Hosea came on the scene, radical punishment was only years away. Soon the land would be totally destroyed and the people removed to foreign lands. So, somewhat as a 'last ditch effort' God had Hosea play out the role of husband and unfaithful wife -- she, actually becoming a prostitute --just as Israel was an unfaithful wife to her husband, the Lord God. Those who knew Hosea and saw what he was doing must have been stopped in their tracks, wondering what on earth he was doing. The writings of Hosea explain what he was doing and why. His heartbreak and turmoil were God's heartbreak and turmoil over Israel. His unending love, forgiveness and faithfulness were a picture of God's unending love, forgiveness and faithfulness.
Forgive my sermon, but you did ask so I hope this was enlightening to you.

Sidharth said...

Yes, thank you Christine. I am knowledgable of that.

But I wonder how many of us would marry a prostitute if God spoke the same thing today...

Like "Sid, marry that prostitute at the corner, I want to show forth my love and faithfulness to fallen Israel".



ChrisJ said...

I'd have to be VERY sure that it was God who was asking me. In addition, I'm not too sure that God speaks to most of us through dreams and visions today, since we do have the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit to interpret, teach and guide us through the Scriptures. We could get into quite a long theological discussion on that topic.