Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Simply Tulips

Sometimes I just have to draw. This was one of those times. I wanted to watch "Inspector Linley" on KPBS but I had to have something to do while I was watching. Rarely can I just watch a TV show and do nothing else unless it is a musical, opera or orchestral. Then I'm listening hard. I had seen flowers like these in a catalog and decided that I didn't have time to find anything else that I really wanted to draw, so these would have to be it. I intensified the colors a little, but now I think I like them better with more muted colors. I think the yellow came out more yellow than I wanted and the bottom one I would have liked more ivory. Ah well, next time.

I managed to get a copy of Jose's 'Doorway of Memories' and I will start on that next time I have the urge to draw.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris - thanks for blogging!! I enjoy your artwork and stories!

Jose said...

Chris this is very pretty. By the way did you catch the Sarah Brightman concert on PBS. Mi chica was watching it the other night and once I started watching I just couldn't walk away until it finished.

Ken said...

Nice drawings Chris.
Thanks for your comments.

claude said...

I do like your art drawings Chris !