Monday, August 17, 2009

Another painting

The Fishing Bridge

This one began as an experiment to see if I could paint a group of trees.

Neurology appointment turned up nothing major. I have balance problems, but have to go for some more tests and an MRI. It will be about 8 weeks before I'm through with all those. It's a good job I don't drink. Couldn't possibly do the 'walking the line' test!


Wanda said...

Hey Chris ~~ I love your painting. Your group of trees are perfect. Love the Fishing Bridge.

Hope they find out what is causing your balance problem. I guess they ruled out vertigo?

Will keep you in my prayers.


claude said...

Wonderful, Chris ! I really love this painting. Very nice !

Rosy said...

This is a very nice painting, like it very much, and you did very well with those group of trees too.

I hope your doctor are able to figure out what is causing your unbalance problem, I have some trouble with my balance for years which is cause by the damage in my spine to the nerves.

mrsnesbitt said...

Lovely painting Chris.

Hope your doctor gets to the bottom of your problems, peace of mid is invaluable.


kaybee said...

I LOVE your painting - a beautiful scene!

I was thinking of you yesterday and will continue to pray for you.

Patty said...

Very nice painting. Perhaps you have an inner ear problem. Our one daughter had that, and she had to do some exercises with her upper body, mainly her head. It finally got better.

Anonymous said...

didn't realise you were having this problem.....hope cause if found soon.....M going thru balance problems too but we know why

Jose said...

Why did you doubt you could paint a series of trees. You can paint anything you want. I love the way it came out.

Allow me to join the the prayer for your health.

Anonymous said...

You should auction these paintings off. Who knows, someone may offer a trip to the Moon and back plus some cash.

They are good paintings and much better than I could do with watercolors. I don't think I could do them with prismacolors anymore but I used to and sold them to magazines.

You do nice work, Chris.

Sandy said...

Oh what a nice painting! Sorry to hear you are having problems.