Saturday, August 8, 2009

San Dieguito Park

One day last week we went down to San Dieguito Park again. This is the park where my sister and I visited in March to see the Bluebirds. It was now a beautiful day in the first week of August -- not too hot and not too cool -- and there was nobody there! We couldn't believe it.

Look to the right ..... and look to the left... no-one!

There were all kinds of picnic tables, clean and empty; spacious grassy areas and no one enjoying them. So we pulled out our chairs from the trunk and sat for about 3 hours. Moth was reading and I watched birds. We saw a lot of Towhees and Phoebes, but no bluebirds.

This phoebie hung around all afternoon. I could hear all kinds of wren tits calling from the shrubbery but didn't see any. The one who visited our back yard a few weeks ago didn't return, he was really out of his habitat. Wren tits have a very loud and distinctive song, so there was no mistaking them. Talking of being out of their habitat, I saw a road runner run out of the bushes, grab something and then run back. He is a large bird and has a large beak. I thought they were mostly out in the desert areas. What a surprise!

On our way out of the park, a few families had gathered around the duck pond and fountains.

And yes, the water was green -- especially colored I think, but definitely not natural.

It was a wonderfully perfect and peaceful afternoon. The only thing we missed was our afternoon cup of tea. Next time we will take one with us.

If you live near San Diego, try this park -- that is, if you don't care for the beach, and crowds.


Jose said...

I enjoy to be alone, but at the park I think I prefer to see familes enjoying it and kids running free.

kaybee said...

Imagine having a whole park all to yourselves! But I agree with Jose -- it's there to be enjoyed by families. It seems to me that there is not enough together time in families these days. Maybe the kids prefer to be shut in with their computer games -- what a shame!

This brought back lovely memories of our determined search for some beautiful bluebirds, earlier this year -- and we found them!

Anonymous said...

sounds/looks like a lovely afternoon - doesn't it make you wonder why you were the only ones there???? What did other people know that you didn't???!!!!