Monday, August 10, 2009

Bits & Pieces -- Here & There

Rip Van Kitti-Kat.
He'll get cleaned up pretty soon. Gardeners come in about a week.
Oh dear...there goes my jungle look!

Mother and daughter picking flowers.

Our lonely but lovely, Lily of the Nile. The only one that bloomed this year. Think they need to be transplanted.

Dandelion power. Just as beautiful in its own way.

One of our nightly visitors. There are at least three of them. This was taken at dusk and from a distance so it's not too clear. But imagine, these rabbits play every night from dusk to dawn in our circle. I wonder what the attraction is?

Oh dear! So sad, but so beautiful. I think he must have flown into the patio window -- even though I have stickers on them. But these gold finches are like a bunch of excited little children at the feeder. I will post a video of all the action soon. It was at least nice to see one up close -- though sad.


claude said...

I like the diversity of your photos. Very beautiful drowing.
Sleeping stone cat in the greenery.
Flowers, rabbit a,s this poor little bird.

Anonymous said...

Always makes me sad to hear a bird hit the window - but he does look peaceful

Jose said...

Awwww! Poor little fellow. Remember, I'm in line to get your drawings. lol

kaybee said...

The drawing of Mother and daughter looks like it could be either Danes Dyke, or the road down to South Landing.

We found a little black-capped chickadee, on our walk last evening -- looked like a Blue Jay got him. The Jays are beautiful, but cruel -- even though I guess it's the law of nature.

RuneE said...

Nice flowers and all that, but that drawing gave me taste og\f the second half of the 19th century. Well done!

Wanda said...

What interesting bits and pieces..

Your drawing is really nice. Has such a flow to it.

The cat in the ivy is cute, and I too am sad at the little bird that flew into the window.

Sandy said...

oh....poor pretty bird.