Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Think I'll move into this blog business easy -- start with something not too complicated or opinionated, after my comments on Christmas.

How about cats? My husband says I'm going to become a crazy old cat lady. I won't; because as much as I love them (and dogs), I know where they belong in my life. That doesn't alter the fact that I love cats -- and other animals -- because they don't answer back or argue. They're soft and snuggly, and give love back easily, if you treat them right. Some are strong willed and can be a bit of a challenge.

That would be my cat, Bailey, who has a bit of a 'tude, as my son says. He does talk back --he has Siamese roots, and is a Snowshoe, bred from American shorthair and Siamese, but a recognized breed. He lets you know what he wants and when he wants it, in no uncertain terms. Can't stand closed patio doors! Loves to be brushed and knows the word 'treats'. He is quite a hefty cat -- about 18 pounds, I'd say, and looks like a mountain lion when on the prowl. He's often more like a dog. He loves to race through the house like a "galloping major" and I do mean race! He practically thunders from one room to the next, inviting me to chase him. Good for both of us! He hears when someone comes to the door before I do. No, he doesn't bark, but his ears prick up and he ambles towards the front door. A useful talent.

If you look at his photo, you will see the four white paws, (hence the name Snowshoes) and a white triangle on his nose. His is a bit skew-whiffed. (That's an English-ism.)

And that gives me an idea for another blog, another day: English-isms. Yes I'm an expat of 46 years.


So now I'm here, what do I have to say?
First of all an explanation: What on earth is FLAMBLOG?
I took the name from the village where I grew up, Flamborough, UK, which, anyone who knows me, will tell you is my most favorite place in the world. But I won't go into that now, since you can see a little about it on my web page (see below) or just look it up on the web.
Here it is the first day after Christmas and I'm not playing with my new toys. I did get some nice ones, but I'm a bit disillusioned with today's commercialism of Christmas and honestly I'm quite glad it's over for another year. Not that I'm disillusioned with the reason for Christmas -- just all the hype. I wish somehow we could reclaim Christmas for Christians. I know we can have it in our hearts, but it's a bit difficult to keep it special when we are bombarded with sales, songs, commercials, special programs, decorations, lights, Santa Claus, Rudolph, trees, gifts, and more, beginning in September! And of course there's always "Christmas in July"!
OK, so I'm a Scrooge, but I think for the right reasons. So, I'm feeling relieved, but I'm still enjoying turkey, cranberry jelly, mince pies, chocolate chip brownies and a quiet day at home. Hypocrite that I am.
See you all another day.