Saturday, November 29, 2014


The theme this session is "DECEMBER".  We don't get much December weather down here.  Mostly we get a couple of days of rain followed by temps in the 60's throughout December, January and February.  Sometimes a 'cold', windy rainstorm sets us all to complaining.  We are so spoiled.  But right now we are anticipating some rain next week and we are cheering.  It feels like we have had summer since last March.   Even so, when the day is sunny and dry, the nights are cold and our birds, especially the migrating ones, are glad for some extra seed.

Hungry birds, a bare-branched sight
On snow-bright days. Collecting sun
And snatching seed ‘gainst frost-cold night.
December has begun.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Not a very imaginative topic, but then I do love trees.  There is quite an assortment of trees along our creek which definitely adds to the rural feeling of the setting. A couple of days ago one of the park workers came by to look at the trees just off our property and on the bank of the creek.  He told me they will be removing one of the big old pine trees that dominates our view.

It certainly is a very large tree.

The Red Hawk likes to sit on one of the branches and eye our bird feeders, looking to snatch a tasty morsel.  It has three large trunks and must stand a good 50 feet tall.

In addition it leans towards the creek  and if it ever did come down it would take half the bank with it.

One of the really good things about our park is the upkeep of the grounds.  So in anticipation of removing this tree they have planted a couple of others  -- liquid amber and a pepper tree. Here they are waiting to be planted and I'm happy to say they were planted before the day was out. Another happy factor is that the leaves will blow towards the creek and not add to our responsibility.  The gardeners regularly clean out the creek. Later I noticed that they have planted quite a few other trees up and down the creek and recently we had about half an inch of rain.  Greatly welcomed!!

I hope I'm at home the day they decide to bring down the big old pine tree -- should bring quite a bit of excitement.


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


CHRISTMAS TIDINGS was the theme for this session.

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Here is my submission based on a page from a monthly devotional.  I liked the birds and the theme of the message of peace, so I copied it and then realized it would fit in with the Creative Tuesday theme for this Tuesday.

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S IS FOR.....


QUESTION:  Where does Santa go in the summer time?

ANSWER:      A luau on Kauai.

Can't pass S without a photo of Scruffy:

Such a love  ! ! !

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Monday, November 17, 2014


Yesterday we celebrated the ninetieth anniversary of our church.  It was started by two ladies as a Sunday School in downtown Carlsbad, in 1924.  Wouldn't they be surprised if they saw it today! There have been three church buildings over the years -- one, a small Mexican style stucco one, the next a stylish A-frame building with a patio, lava stones and stained glass windows, and finally a large two story building with a parking garage in the basement, an elevator, three floors and a balcony, all of which we now call a Worship Center.

First, appropriately because the church started with a Sunday School, we started with the children's choir:

This was followed by someone describing highlights from each decade.  The platform was beautifully decorated with many sunflowers and chrysanthemums.

Since we were there for thirty of the ninety years, my husband spoke about one of the decades:

He doesn't look as old as he does in this photo!  We still attend the church.  I teach a Ladies' Bible Study and my husband fills in for one of the Adult Sunday School classes as well as occasionally preaching on Sundays.

There were more than 500 people there and we had to put up some more tables.  Our Spanish church which uses one of our buildings also joined in the celebration.  It was wonderful to see so many friends, some of whom traveled a long way to be with us on this special occasion.


Sunday, November 2, 2014


For several days last week we were invaded by a black cloud of crows! (I know it should be 'a murder of crows', but that sounds so pretentious!) There is no way I could get a proper photo of them all as they settled in the trees around us, but I tried to get a video with all the noise they made:

I haven't tried uploading any of my videos before so the quality is not good, but I think you can hear all the racket they made.  Some of them flew down to the creek, but again it was difficult to show the number there were.

I so enjoy our rural style environment and I thought the invasion of the crows was hilarious.  They are such funny creatures. Whenever I hear them coming, I drop whatever I am doing and run out onto the deck to watch. Unfortunately, I have been quite disappointed to discover that their roosting area has now moved further down the creek and almost out of earshot.  Perhaps they will return another time.  

We are rejoicing today after receiving almost a half inch of rain last night and yesterday.  This is the first we have had since the beginning of March.  Some of our young shrubs and plants were really suffering and I was afraid we would lose some of them.  Poor Moth has had to go out and water all our potted plants every couple of days (we have quite a lot of them because of the poor quality of the soil since we live so close to the creek -- very sandy).  It was quite a lot of work.  Hopefully we will get back to our normal weather now, but the temperatures are expected to go up to the mid 80's next week and there is no more rain in sight. 

My beautiful plumeria is still in full bloom even though it is November:


Today is especially set aside as "Prayer for the Persecuted Christians " day.  Our church is having a special service this evening.  Pastor Abou Saeed Abedini, an Iranian pastor, has been imprisoned and tortured in Iran for two years now.  He has a wife and family.  There are many others like him who are suffering horribly for the 'crime' of being a Christian. If you believe in prayer and in our Lord Jesus Christ, please join those of us around the nation who are praying for relief for these persecuted Christians.