Friday, June 29, 2012


My very warmest thanks to all those blogging friends who prayed and sent good wishes and thoughts for me while I had my cataract removed this week.  The surgery went well and I seem to be healing well.  I'm still having some problems with double vision, something I have had for years. It will be a while before I get my new glasses and it is then that I hope they will finally address the double vision problem. 

In the mean time I need more patience as I wait for my glasses (which could be another month) and hopefully find some resolution to the double vision.  My blogging will be spasmodic according to how tired my eyes are.  I love to read all your blogs and will comment as much as I can.

Blessings to you all.  
God is good -- all the time.  All the time-- God is good.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


X  IS FOR...
I've been saving this photo for months!  Now I'm especially pleased because I have something for that horribly hard letter X . Since I'm having my cataract surgery on Monday, which is when I usually do my ABC Wednesday entry, this is so convenient and I'm all set and ready to go.  I only noticed the crossed legs in the photo recently, so you get two for the price of one.
This is of necessity a short entry this week.  Hopefully I will be all bright and sparkly- eyed once this surgery is over and I will try to respond to all the usual ABC Wednesday entries, later in the week.

This is my entry for Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday for the letter X.  To see more entries for this most difficult of letters, please click HERE

Sunday, June 24, 2012



Oh I could have had such fun with this one but time is at a premium, so I chose something simple -- The three feathers on the  heraldic badge for the Prince Of Wales.

It's a bit scribbly but I have cataract surgery in 11 hours!  Got a lot going on.

Not sure when I will be able to get back to my blog -- hopefully in 24 hours.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

W IS FOR....

W IS FOR....
Two weeks ago tonight we were in Boise Idaho. The weather had been gorgeous, not too hot and definitely not too cold. In fact the night before, we had eaten a beautifully prepared dinner in a fairly formal setting but at a dining table set out on the patio. Perfect conditions. Perfect food. Perfect company.

The next night we planned to eat out to celebrate Moth's and Son # 1's birthdays.   Boise is not known for its extreme weather at any time of the year, but this night a violent thunderstorm was forecast, with damaging hail, heavy rains and strong winds.  Nevertheless we weren't too concerned.  We were in Boise, weren't we?

As we left for the restaurant, about 20 minutes away, we could see the clouds blowing up and feel the wind picking up.  I was excited because we rarely get a good storm down here in S. California. 

We found the restaurant and sat out in an enclosed porch where it was quieter (it was family night).  The wind got up -- pretty strong, so before long we had to shut all the windows.  No rain, no hail, no thunder. 

An hour and a half later we were on our way home.  (They were very busy and served us fast.) Nothing happening weather-wise. But ten minutes into the ride home this is what we saw :

I guess someone got the weather -- or at least the wind.  There were trees down and branches all around.  Though no sign of rain. Already people had started clearing up and there was plenty to do.  Admittedly these weren't the strongest trees, but as I understand it, it takes 60 -- 70 mile an hour winds to do this kind of damage (knowledge gleaned from my years on Flamborough Head).   Well it was all over bar the cleaning up by the time we got home. Less than two hours had passed.  Just a couple of branches down in Son #1's yard.  Crushed some flowers but that was all.  Looked like straight winds, not tornadic.  But I missed the fun!  My apologies to those of you who live in "tornado alley".  I know it's serious business for you, but once in a while I like a little more exciting weather than we get here.
Here when the first rains come in October/November there's as much excitement among the children at school as there is when the first snow comes in the northern states


Diving through the wreck, Lt. Wright wrestled with the long wrack of seaweed that threatened to wreak havoc with his air supply. He wriggled and writhed until he wrenched his wrist and back. Now he wouldn't be able to write that report tonight, he thought wrathfully.  Darn that little WREN (British female Naval person) who had wrung  that wretched promise from him to see the wrasse in the sunken ship. Finally he emerged from the water like a wraith with a wreath of seaweed around his neck.  She was wrong.  There weren't any there.

Eighteen different silent 'W's.

For those like me who do not know, wrasses are a type of highly colorful tropical fish with thick lips.

This is my entry for 'W' for Mrs. Nesbitt's wonderful project ABC WEDNESDAY .  To see more entries to this nine year old project click HERE

Monday, June 18, 2012


The Theme this week is ANIMALS...

Spoiled for choice as they say and I promised myself I wouldn't use Scruffy, but I couldn't get anything else out of my head.  So here he is at one of his favorite occupations.  You didn't know he was an ornithologist did you.

Scruffy's really not as fat as that and he has long legs which compensate for the hips.
This is his favorite spot in the morning to watch for any bird activity and at night to watch for other cats or even mice after the bird seed.

While you're here, do scroll back one page and see my beautiful rose photo.  I'm very proud of it.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012


I took a couple of photos of flowers while we were up in Boise and I'm very pleased with how they came out. In fact I think this first one is probably the best I've taken all year.
All roses are gorgeous, but I'd been watching this one  through the living room window  for several days, until the last afternoon, when I caught it with the sun in just the right place.  Such a beautiful, delicate pink.
It's a good thing I took it when I did, as a storm came through that evening and everything was pretty well windswept.
I love daisies and tho' these are larger than the ones I'm used to they remind me so much of the common English daisy that I had to take them. They also remind me of summer.  We're back to our May Gray and June Gloom again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

V IS FOR....


About 8 blocks of downtown are blocked off for the Farmers' Market.  It was wall to wall people with every kind of vendor selling his wares. Great weather.


Home made bread...(nearly all gone already)



Arts and crafts of all kinds...

Beautifully carved walking sticks...

... well, rock drops that spun around to put in your pool, very colorful , very intriguing.

More flowers...

Fun for everyone!

...and these two, who were regaling the crowds with fantastic Ozarck style fiddle music!

Can't you just feel the atmosphere? The VENDORS looked like they were having as good a time as all the VISITORS.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012


The topic this week is STREET

STREET made me think of a streetwise kid on a downtown street.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012


So Kaybee beat me to it telling you about her visit to us with Doth.  Well I have been a little slow in getting it posted, but ABC Wednesday for U kind of pushed me into being a little late.

Their very spontaneous visit was great fun!  It's been a while since I went down to San Diego and Seaport village.  Fortunately when it's your sister you don't panic about 'the white glove test' -- but we did do a thorough dusting to get rid of as much cat hair as we could since Kay is allergic to cats.  Our last cat had thick, thick hair but fortunately Scruffy's isn't as thick, though it is beautifully soft.

We crammed as much in as we could into three days, then we left for Boise the day after they left for L.A.

Here we are all enjoying a very good Mexican dinner.  Left to right, Son #1, Partner J, J's daughter, (so good to have them in our family), Kaybee and my niece Doth.  I was taking the photograph (notice the bit of a shake there?  Oh well.) and Moth was just too far for the camera to stretch.

And here's the happy bunch at Menchies -- our favorite dessert place, taken by J with H's help.

I'll try not to steal too much of Kaybee's thunder but thought you might like to see some of the spectacular architecture around the Civic Center and Seaport village.

How would you like to have that top living room window view?  It looks out over the harbor, the Embarcadero and Seaport Village.

Scruffy had his share of attention too.

In fact a good time was had by all -- too short --  and must be done again soon.

Thursday, June 7, 2012



So I have decided to speak up about the proposed wind turbine on Flamborough Head in East Yorkshire, UK.  This post will probably be of more interest to British,  especially Yorkshire bloggers.  Flamborough has meant so much to me all my life. Since it is such a unique area, I feel I must resist changes that will spoil its beauty.  Changes come but they must be enacted with care and concern not only for the environment but also for the people who would be affected by the changes.

Here is the text of my letter to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

Dear Sirs,
I am quite disturbed to discover that there is some consideration of placing a wind turbine on Flamborough Head.

I am proud to be British though living abroad, and even more proud to be able to state that I lived on Flamborough Head for about ten years.  I have returned many times and would still be living there today if I had any choice about the matter.

I do realize the need we have for such sources of power in our power hungry world, yet I must protest that there has to be more appropriate places to erect such a turbine.  Quite apart from the visual impact it would have, as many have pointed out, there are other considerations.

I believe the South Landing area is what is being considered and I would like to add to the debate by suggesting how inappropriate this  mechanical feature would be in the pristine area of our coastline.
There are several areas of woodland within close proximity to the South Landing including the historic Danes Dyke. Not far away from this particular area, puffins breed. Throughout the woodland areas songbirds such as the willow warbler and chiff chaff, goldfinches and many other unique European birds frequent and nest in these woodland areas.  This is not to exclude the skylark which nests in the fields on the cliff top.  People come from miles around and from Europe itself to see and study these woodland, field and meadow song birds.  Flamborough Head is a migratory resting area and as such brings many birds which may not easily be seen elsewhere.  Of course the magnificent sea bird nesting areas at Bempton and Speeton as well as Flamborough have to be a major consideration.  Sadly wind turbines are disturbing and encroaching upon their natural environment.

I am not a rampant environmentalist but I do believe man and nature have to live in harmony with one another. Since man is the one with the technological skills and needs, hopefully he will have the wisdom to protect the beauty with which he is entrusted.

One other consideration is the historical value of this unique headland.  Perhaps some are not familiar with the fact that R. D. Blackmore of “Lorna Doone” fame spent much time in Flamborough and recorded its uniqueness for posterity in his less well known book, “Mary Anerley”.  This book describes in detail the landscape, customs and people of Flamborough Head and is a wonderful source of information of an era that is far too rapidly disappearing.  I am very familiar with Blackmore’s book because I set myself the task of updating, and where necessary, rewriting it under the title of “The Tale of Robin Lyth”.  (It can be found in the libraries of Bridlington and Flamborough.) Not that I could compete with Blackmore’s skill but I was motivated by the desire to preserve the historic richness of this beloved area and the skill and desire to read Victorian English is also passing away.

Finally, there is the obvious aesthetic value to be taken into consideration.  Not only is there the need to preserve the natural and historic ambiance of Flamborough Head, but it should be remembered that artists of all skill levels are drawn to the area because of its natural beauty and unique landscapes.  Again, this is an aspect with which I am quite familiar having created a score of paintings from around the headland.

In conclusion, I do ask that you, who are the safe-keepers of our beautiful East Riding, will carefully consider all the ramifications of any decisions you will be making in the near future.

I will be following the events of the next months with great interest.

Yours sincerely, 

Christine A. Jones.

If you are from Yorkshire and agree with my viewpoint, let me urge you to contact the ERYC :

beverley dot dc at eastriding  dot gov dot uk

Flamborough Head looking northward from North Landing

That's it -- all done.  Back to normal blogging shortly.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

U is for....

'U' is for ...
Of course everyone thinks their sons or daughters are unique, and I'm no exception.  We've been visiting our number two son in Boise this past week and frankly I'm confounded as to where he got his talents from!

These are three of his UNIQUE accomplishments that blew me away while we were there. O and V have a very pretty little home which is quite adequate for their needs, and is beautifully decorated in a definitely unique style by V. It is even on the historic  houses of Boise list.  However now they are both working from home, mostly from their computers they found they needed a little more space so V can have her own office area.  So between them they designed, built, furnished and decorated from the ground up, what they call V's Retreat.

It is a free-standing building located in their beautiful backyard, and is officially known as a shed! It has large patio glass doors with transoms above. (That's Moth relaxing  with V.)

Fully insulated, with heating and cooling, it is bright and airy and just a delight to work in.

See how bright and airy it is?  V has impeccable taste in interior decorating as you can see here...

...and here.

 Fanlights and a fan (plus chandelier) all contribute to the ambiance.  I tell you, this is going to be my 'granny flat' in not too many years from now!!

Now here is something else UNIQUE son number two is creating.  I have reduced it to understandable terms I hope.  That meant taking notes and asking a lot of questions.  Basically it is an underwater roving video and TV camera that he is in the process of building from scratch. He and V. like to vacation in the Bahamas, so they have become curious as to what is underneath them as they go skimming across the beautiful blue waters.  ( I have forbidden him to explore those mysterious blue holes, but he is itching to get into them.)

So, for the camera he has adapted the remote controls from a remote controlled airplane and adapted them to an Arduino -- a micro controller, for which he has then built circuitry.
Remote Controls

The Circuitry

 He has it all rigged up to be able to control a model boat with an antenna to which he has attached a 100 foot tether to a small model submarine which will contain the video camera.  The submarine will be able to go forward or backwards or turn left or right or angle a bit and will be propelled by bilge pumps that will be adapted as thrusters for the submarine. The camera will transmit the view to the surface.

Now if you've understood all that  you will understand that the end product will mean that he can explore what is is under water to a depth of 100 feet and at every angle while sitting on his boat.

OK,  here is something unique that is more on my level...
At the back of their house is an enclosed porch where the kitti-litter is kept.  But that was not good enough for him so he built a run through the wall and out along the outside wall and placed the kitti-litter  at the end of the run.  Neat!

As my grandmother would say, "The brains of him and the price of fish !"


This is my contribution to ABC Wednesday, the highly popular and successful project begun by Mrs. Nesbitt.  We are winding down the 9th round so why not start thinking about joining us for the next round coming up soon.  To see more of ABC entries click HERE

Sunday, June 3, 2012


This week's theme is VEIL.   Now if it were Vail, Colorado I could do a pair of ski's perhaps.  But it's not. And I'm way past Bridal veils , so how about this one:

It's been a couple of  busy weeks for us.  Had a wonderful and exciting time with my sister and niece who came down from Canada for a flying visit.  Got some good photos of us all  which I will post shortly along with our Boise trip photos, where we went to see son number two.  Talk about fun in the sun!! 

Got some more Flamborough information also.I'll try to get another post in before ABC Wednesday. 

Keep on bloggin' !

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