Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I finally finished my book on Micronesia, or to be specific, the island of Pohnpei. It was written in the Pohnpeian language by a German missionary who did all the research. It was then translated by Pohnpeian students into English for their class assignments. It was my job to rewrite it, edit it and turn it into something that people who speak English can understand. Since it includes many Micronesian customs and cultural beliefs, that has not been an easy task! I thought I had finished it a year ago, but now after 5 more complete proofs and editing, I do believe it is ready. It has now gone for layout and graphics. We hope it will be published by the middle of May, to take with us when we go to the World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship conference in England.
Huge sigh of relief!

Pohnpei, Micronesia

Island View

ABJ with Nahnmwarki (King)and his wife, of Kitti, Pohnpei.

Children of Micronesia

Saturday, January 27, 2007


This is why! See, at the back of the bay, up on the cliffs, to the right of the little footpath: two small green houses with black roofs. That's where I used to live! My bedroom looked out over the bay.

Of course if you know me, you knew I'd get to this subject sometime soon.

Friday, January 19, 2007


I had just put the TV off at 12:45am. Yes, it was late. I'd stayed up to see an interview with Steve Irwin's wife and daughter (the Crocodile Hunter).I could hear police sirens coming for a while, which is unusual at this time of night because the police don't usually use sirens in a residential area at this hour. But then they got louder and then stopped, so I knew they were nearby. I got up to look out of the living room window (I was in the den), when I heard loud yelling: "Stop! Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground!", just like on COPS. They were in our circle.
I grabbed a telephone, went round and checked all doors and windows and put all outside lights on. We have quite a few. When I looked out of the window again there were 6 (later 8) police cars in the street, having blocked off a pick-up that was now stopped, cutting off the circle, his front end towards my driveway. By the time I could see what was happening from upstairs, they had a guy by the arms and hustled him into a police car. There were now about 15 policemen milling around.
They ended up taking photos of the truck from every angle inside and out,and checked the contents of a jacket that had been inside the truck. They must have found something. It looked like little packets of drugs that they counted out on the hood of the police car and into an evidence bag. Then another police car pulled slowly up into the circle, past all the others and they took all kinds of pictures of that. Looks like he was either rammed or had rammed the suspect. Then came the tow truck. They were out there until about 2:30am

Figured I'm wasn't going to sleep much now. Needed some time to calm down. So I decided to read, but not the detective thriller I had been reading earlier!

How come all these weird things happen when my husband is away!

Monday, January 1, 2007


How can you say anything new about the New Year? Over the centuries, everything anyone might want to say must have already been said. But I did sit back for a little while last night, and think about the most memorable moments in my life over the past year -- just a few....

I remember the pleasure I had when I heard that all my students that I tutor in 6th grade math, passed the very nerve wracking test they have to take at their school in May. I know they were all dreading the test and thought they were "dumb at math". I hope that my time with them convinced them that they were not and that passing the test proved it. I remember what it feels like to think you're dumb at something, and math was one of those things for me too. All the more pleasure now that I can teach it!


I remember the beautiful English countryside, last May, --bluebells everywhere you looked.....

....not to mention creamy, white hawthorn and ...

...the bright yellow gorse bushes.

I also remember the little hidden spot we found in the tiny village of Speeton, on the North East coast of Yorkshire. We sat and watched a mother duck and her ducklings for about
half an hour.
It was so quiet and beautiful.


Then there was spending time with my old high school friends, Janet in Exeter, Margery in Flamborough and Jenny in Pocklington. Friends from fifty years ago!

THAT'S worth remembering!