Sunday, April 11, 2010


Somewhere in the Canary Islands done for Virtual Paint-out.  This painting,  I used only watercolors -- and it was HARD.  I was just itching to get my pen out and outline here and there, but with much discipline I resisted.

 Somewhere in North Wales.  I based it on a photo we took a good number of years ago.  It was a bit ambitious so I had to simplify the scene.  The water was actually green, not as you see here.  Guess I missed that color. Below is the original photo.  You will probably see little comparison, but I am posting the real photo in case any of my friends from Wales can identify it.  It was taken from a bridge on a busy road somewhere on the Llyn Peninsula I believe.

A beautiful little place and I would love to go back again.  But where is it?

A yearling lamb -- not new born, he's too fat.  Probably make some good lamb dish!
This is an ATC  (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches) Watercolor with a touch of pen here and there.


Carlsbad Beach.  Another ATC but just a pen and ink sketch done while sitting in the car waiting for MOTH to finish his long walk. I added the color washes later. Those are supposed to be brown pelicans which are quite numerous here and often fly in threes.  Have to try doing them again.  I couldn't remember quite what they looked like.  So this is definitely not my best, but in the interests of it is.



Gillian Mowbray said...

Nice work, Chris. I can't help you with the place in Wales I'm afraid - a tricky scene to paint so hats off to you.
I'm with you about that feeling you want to add pen work- I often feel like that about my stuff when I'm out of my comfort zone. You could always do a high res scan so you have the original and then add penwork. LOL

Autumn Leaves said...

Fabulous pieces, all of them, Chris. I especially like the dashboard in the bottom piece. I've done a similar painting and still think it is a cool idea. Also love those moss covered cobbles up there!

Murilo S Romeiro said...

Congratulations for very nice watercolours. I am a fan of The Virtual Paintout and I'm loving see the others artists paintings.
Best regards,

The Weaver of Grass said...

Like that sketch of the Lleyn Peninsular Chris, but cannot say where it is although I go to that part of the world quite often.

Cherdecor said...

You have been a busy painter! Very nice pictures.

Jose said...

Your first painting, I was going to say "How cool, the roof look like hills." lol As always I like them all.

Wanda said...

Well I love your April Art! Each one is unique. Your first watercolor is really nice with the shadows and details.

You are a really dedicated artist and thats what it takes.

kaybee said...

You've been busy, Chris. I, too, love them all, but I think the Welsh scene is my favourite. The last scene is a very familiar one to me! I don't think pelicans would be easy to paint - but I loved looking at them, when I was there!

claude said...

You have a great talent, Chris !

Elizabeth said...

Some lovely pieces, Chris. I do so admire your ability to work on such a small scale for the ATC's. x

sandy said...

It's always nice to see your watercolors, good job on all of them.