Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Leo Carrillo

This is the arch you can see in the distance on yesterday's blog.  It is called the Bridal Arch --  for obvious reasons.  I expect many bridal parties come here for photos , and they may even be able to rent one of the buildings I think.

 This is a closer view and a different angle.  Very beautiful.

 Another quaint old building .  I doubt this would be for a bridal party!  But there was a cantina and a paddling pool (not for public use!) nearby.  We found this as we were leaving and by that time we had passed the cantina (leaving by another route) and I was just concentrating on walking.

 But I couldn't resist this natural photographic spot -- with Moth as the model!

 And on the other side of the gate, oranges and orange blossom. Wonderful perfume!

 Back past the old ranch again, calla lilies that I hadn't noticed on our way in.

 Another photographic moment -- the lantern in the entrance way (I know there's a better word than 'entrance way' but I can't think of it and I have decided if I want to blog I can't spend hours thrashing my brain for words I've lost in recent years.  I blog for fun!)

Then as we were passing the visitor center we were swept on our way by some creatures we had been hearing all afternoon. 

If you want to know what they were you will have to tune in tomorrow!


Wanda said...

Oh Chris, you have to paint some of these pictures.... I can just see your style in these....

I'm really in the mood for a day trip!

Gillian Mowbray said...

Oh what lovely sunny images. I can almost smell the orange blossom. Lucky you!

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh my gosh...that 'thrashing my brain' comment had me laughing out loud. I do that too with words. Each of these photos are gorgeous, Chris! And of course I want to know what those creatures were! I wish I could smell the orange blossoms!

Jose said...

Chris in places like that I just go trigger happy. I would have potographed the little building, then the bench by itself, and then just the door, and one of even maybe the roof only... well you know how I am with a camera on hand. lol I liked all your captures and don't go looking for words I cannot understand, your descriptions were just easy for me to read.