Monday, April 19, 2010

Swishing Creatures

Peacocks!  Apparently there are 40 -50 of them in the grounds at the ranch.  We could hear them all afternoon.  I must say  it got to be a little irritating after a while and I wondered how the people whose homes were nearby were reacting.  But then I remembered we used to live by an old, loud foghorn on a frequently foggy headland and we didn't even hear it after a while.  And then too, this is mating season and all the birds are at their loudest at this time of the year.                                                                                                     

Got a photo of this one coming... actually, it was a hen -- no fancy tail.

...and this one going.  
They didn't seem to be too shy but once they approached you they would pass on by pretty fast.  Since we were by now on our way out of the ranch, I didn't have much time to set up shots.

But look at that beautiful tail!  That was the swishing sound we could hear.
I just finished saying, "I suppose it would be too much to ask that they would spread their tail for us", when whoosh...

 ...not in the best light, but the best I could do.  Then I looked to my left and... woosh! There went another one.

But this one was under the picnic table shade. 
It was closing time for the ranch  and we had our hands full, so maybe we will do better next time.
 Even so, it was a very pleasant and satisfying afternoon.
If you come down our way I do recommend you visit the ranch.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I have always fancied having a pair of peacocks around the farm here but the farmer says they make too much noise!

Autumn Leaves said...

Somebody who lives over the rise behind our house has peacocks and they are loud indeed. I didn't know what the unearthly noise was when we moved in here and had to ask my neighbor. I was so surprised to hear that they were peacocks. My youngest granddaughter thought they were screaming "help" one day and wanted me to go help whomever was in need (she's 3 1/2). They really are loud and a bit mournful. Beautiful creatures though!

Wanda said...

Oh Chris they are lovey...and you got the male to show off....

I got wonderful pictures of a peacock at our retreat...but he wouldn't show off for I just got him "going".

kaybee said...

Looks like a beautiful place, Chris -- put me on the list for a visit! The peacocks and the beautiful gated archway remind me of Sewerby Park.

Cherdecor said...

They are beautiful birds, but I didn't know they were noisy. I guess I do not want one after all.=)