Sunday, June 13, 2010

WHEW! ! !

It seems our new car, a Honda CRV, barely three months old, has a charmed life!  Here she is when we bought her in March.

. Here she is in the garage two weeks ago.  That little white arrow is to point out this hook in the beam above the car....

Here is a closer look at the hook, looking from the side, towards the front of the car.
The hook is one of two which were in the beam and had been there close to thirty years...

This is what hung from those hooks on that beam for those thirty years. Lighting for the garage.

One day last week Moth backed the car out of the garage, closed the garage door with the electric opener and took off on an errand.

When he returned and opened the garage door the fluorescent light fixture was dangling from one hook, right where the car would have been parked had he not gone out to run an errand.


That would have made a nasty dent to say the least.  The light fixture is almost too heavy for me to lift.

Earthquake Alert
All that happened before we had the two earthquakes last night.  First  one 4.9 and second one almost immediately afterwards, a 4.5  They set my lazy-boy a-rockin, and the large plant in the pot, shaking.  The local earthquake authority says that there will be more and most likely larger, since these faults are long overdue for "the big one."  These two were located not far from Borrego Springs - and a special note here to my sister Kay, "Yes, just north of where we visited when you were here last year."  About 50 miles from here.  


Anonymous said...

Moth (what does that stand for anyway? -- an inquiring mind wants to know) was luckier than a Tom Turkey the day before Thanksgiving. He needs to buy American made hooks. Or, do like I did. Put a ceiling in the garage and use real American plaster board, then cut holes between two ceiling joists and box in the fluorescent fixtures. Get the plastic lens from Lowes and it looks like a room when all done.

Autumn Leaves said...

Wow! So glad your husband ran out to do that errand! Wonder if it was a tremor that you didn't feel but was enough to rattle the rafters a bit to bring that fixture down like that?

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! A good move hun!

kaybee said...

Could have made a nasty dent in someone's head, too! Thank God for His care.

Praying also that those 'big ones' don't materialize - and glad we weren't in Borrego Springs, even for the little ones. I might never have visited CA again!

Wanda said...

Chris, you do have a charmed car and the protection from the Heavenly Father.

I agree, MOTH errand and the Lord's timing.... good!

Didn't know of the earthquake, didn't feel anything.

You are right, it was a quiet Blogger weekend. My screen died, on Friday, so I was without my computer. Bought a new screen today, so up and running!

Jose said...

Lucky! Now send me some of that good luck the next time I buy me a lotto ticket. (which is very ralrely).

Morning's Minion said...

Being spared an accident or catastrophe is never by chance.
CA has earthquakes--KY has some tornados. J. watches the local weather on his PC very faithfully, goes out to scan the sky if there are any reported nearby.
I wonder if in a year or two we will become blase.

claude said...

Your Honda is a very lucky car. Thanks to Moth !

Rune Eide said...

Maybe there was a "tiny" one just before the others? A case material fatigue and all that. I'm glad you were out!

Cherdecor said...

I just saw that CA had a 5.7 earthquake last evening. That must have come after the two you talked about.

That is a pretty sneaky little car you have there. Maybe like animals, it hears the earthquakes coming and runs! =)

Elizabeth said...

Praise God the car was in use and that He is in control. x