Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here's an interesting quote from Sunday's Parade Magazine:  "We are better at understanding morality than we are at living it....I'm not aware of any other species that even has a moral sensibility"  This was said by the disgraced former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer -- and he should know!
The hardest thing for anyone who is not a committed Christian to accept is that mankind is morally evil by nature.  That sounds so politically incorrect and harsh. And before long , the way things are going, it may even be categorized as hate speech.
But it gets worse. 
Mankind is not only morally evil, he, (we, you and I) know it.  We know good from evil and there is none of us who has chosen to good every time we are given a choice.  Benjamin Franklin tried to create in himself a better moral character.  Being a brilliant man he had it all figured out as to how he would do it.  But it didn't work. He eventually gave up. ( More info on this. If you want it, ask me.)
As unpopular as this may sound, there is no hope for us to improve ourselves, consistently, persistently  and effectively. 
Once we accept this as true -- THEN there is hope for us --  because God has said "there is none that is righteous, no no one".  But God "can cleanse us of all unrighteousness".  "For while we were still sinners, Christ died for us"  "We will become a new creation."  -- one which doesn't sin and one in which God has cleansed away all our old sins.
Are you frankly fed up, distressed and becoming cynical about the state of our world?  Is it never going to get better. Will we ever get honest politicians, and world leaders?

Try as we like it can't be done without Christ.  All the laws and politics cannot change this world while mankind is still living in it in our sinful state.  What a humiliating statement that is. Pride was the original sin .  Humility will put things right again.

The road to a new and perfect life and world is by acknowledging that we are sinful and asking God to change us personally and then change this whole world.

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Jose said...

Like any other sin, if we are human chances are we will sin. It's how we repent and move forward that counts. God is ever forgiving if we truthfuly repent.