Thursday, March 17, 2011


Like many other people this week, I have been following events in Japan and Libya quite closely.  While everything was going on, a seemingly insignificant sound byte caught my ear and didn't really register with me until this evening while I was eating dinner.  It was a comment about the country of Libya.  Some reporter simply said in passing, "Libya is a country without trees.' Our dining room table looks out onto the patio which is surrounded by trees and shrubs.  It occurred to me while I was eating, how difficult it must be to live in a city without trees. No trees probably means no birds.  No trees means no shade. That shimmering dappled light threading through green leaves that is so easy on the eyes, would not be there to bring coolness and calm.  The extra hour daylight savings time brings,  means that I can eat dinner every night in calm and quiet surroundings for the next seven or eight months.  What a blessing!

God has provided us with everything we need to keep us happy.  What we do with what He has given us is entirely up to us.  I could sit through dinner watching crisis after crisis evolve on the TV.  I could eat to the blaring sound of rock music or quiet stimulating discussion.  What ever context I choose, it is indeed my choice.

So the gift of free will is actually a blessing. How ever we want to live our life here on earth, we can make it happen by making good and right decisions. God says, I have set before you, life and death , blessing and
cursing; therefore choose life.


Autumn Leaves said...

Indeed, Chris. Indeed.

snafu said...

Not sure where the reporter was in Libya, but I think you will find in general Libya has trees, not many but they give shade in cities. Check out this web address.

kaybee said...

I love the fact that we have the freedom to rejoice or complain, take time to smell the roses or bury ourselves deep into our work, be thankful for what we do have or moan about what we don't have, make the most of every day or waste each day away on trivials. Free will is indeed a gift - much to think on here, Chris - thanks!

Rarelesserspotted said...

Hi Chris
I seem to recall some palm treees in the background in one of the cities where a reporter was giving a commentry on what was happening, perhaps it was an imported tree.
Very interesting and difficult times.
Hope you are better.

sandy said...

Nice post Chris. And Libya has no trees?! I didn't know that.

ChrisJ said...

I wonder if anyone else caught that reporter's comment. I did a little research and of course there are trees there. Although large areas are sand. Anyway I should have gone to the source -- but then you'd think CNN would be a good enough source. Probably most of them are palm trees, not the kind of trees and greenery we westerners usually think of. So thanks, Snafu and Rare Lesser for clarifying that issue for us. Trees or no trees, we are blessed to have the free will to make good and right decisions.

Bovey Belle said...
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