Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Shows you how good my memory is!  I never did see BB on TV and my vague memories of him during the late 40's early 50's have him pegged as a loveable rascal.  Rather like a jolly Santa Claus school boy who always came out OK in the end.  Think I may have got him mixed up with Just William another British schoolboy character.

I checked some more and this is what I found out:


Billy Bunter fans tuck in to the exploits of comic schoolboy 100 years on


"Enthusiasts devoted to the most prolific author in the world will be celebrating this weekend when Billy Bunter, his most famous creation, turns 100. But few outside of the Bunter fan club will have heard of Charles Hamilton.... He created Bunter, the archetypal “Fat Owl of the Remove” forMagnet magazine under the name Frank Richards. Today Billy Bunter would probably be classed as clinically obese rather than fat and his classmates would find themselves in trouble for mocking him. Despite his large bottom, self-centred behaviour, undisguised greed and the postal order that never arrives, Bunter has become such a favourite that he has his own fan club known as the Friars, after Greyfriars School.... The bespectacled William George Bunter, aged about 15, was the bane of generations of overweight schoolboys who were inevitably nicknamed Bunter....
Mr Peter McCall said: “Of the seven deadly sins he is the living embodiment of pride, envy, avarice, greed, sloth, wrath and gluttony. His name has endured and is used to describe obesity by people who might have no idea about who he was. Bunter’s selfish, self-centeredness is a prominent feature throughout the Greyfriars saga. His needs are paramount and any chap not concerned with them alone is a selfish rotter.
“He is deluded and has a firm belief in his own superiority, which is reinforced when he speaks with foreigners.”
Bunter was also a racist, using taunts that are unsuitable for a family newspaper. Mr McCall said: “Bunter is a lazy coward who thieves, blackmails, has an aversion to washing, is poor at games and will do anything for his own ends. Bizarrely the only thing he is really good at is ventriloquism."

Thank you Mr. Bruxelles and the Sunday Times of the UK

I agree with all you who commented who do not like Billy Bunter, I would not have liked him either if I'd understood what he was all about. Yuck! I wonder what anybody liked about him.
See you next week at ABC WEDNESDAY

SKIP THIS next section if my health is not  exactly your favorite topic.

Since my memory isn't so good, this might be a good time to update you who visit me regularly on the results of all my testing.  Went to the neurologist last week, a month after my last testing, which was quite extensive but not too scary. Doctor had been on a month's vacation.

His first word were, "Well, you're abnormal!"  Didn't need him to tell me that!!!  It was a joke but it was true.
The good news is,

1.I don't have Alzheimers.
 2. I haven't had any mini-strokes.
3.  I don't have a brain tumor.
4.  And he doesn't think my vertigo problem has to do with the crystals in the vestibula canal.

     This last comment came as a surprise since I have been going for physical therapy twice a week for 6 weeks to be thrown around (not quite literally) in order to dislodge what the therapists and I assumed  were crystals that had somehow become stuck  in the canal.  These are the ones that are responsible for stablizing 'dizziness'.  The dizziness cleared up two weeks ago all by itself.
He assured me there is something happening but he doesn't quite know what because he thinks it is an inner ear problem and that is not his specialty.

So the bottom line is, if it comes back or it gets worse, I am to return to him. I return for a check up in 6 months anyway.  And if there is no improvement in December he is going to hand me over to an otoneurologist -- a specialist (which my insurance doesn't cover!) who deals with inner ear problems.  It's going to have to be really bad before I do that!


snafu said...

I have often wondered why Bunter continued for so long, he was not nice and not funny. Perhaps our grandparents had a different sense of humour.
I am glad you have a list of what is right with you, but it is a bit of a nuisance that you don't have a complete diagnoses. Lets hope the vertigo stays away.

Morning's Minion said...

I'm glad to hear that no big health issue is looming. At our age we can always wonder what may be on the horizon...while giving thanks for each good day!

Jane and Chris said...

ChrisJ I thought I was going mad until I got a diagnosis for a motor neurone disease. Knowing what is was made me feel SOOOOOO much better. Hope you get a 'name' soon.
Jane x

Autumn Leaves said...

Glad to hear you don't have Alzheimers, Chris. I hadn't realized that was a concern. I hope that the dizziness does not return!!

Anonymous said...

Continue on in good health. Put a horse shoe over your front door.

MorningAJ said...

No comment on Bunter. He was a bit of a stereotype and I hate them (whatever the type)

I'm glad you haven't got all those serious sounding things.

photowannabe said...

Good news on the tests you had. I'm glad things have cleared up on their own an pray things continue to do so.
Dizziness is kind of scary. I'm glad you had it checked out.
Have a great rest of the week.

Amanda said...

Hope you get to feel better soon & get your diagnosis.

claude said...

Hi Chris !
In France BB is Brigitte Bardot !
Have a nice week-end !

Patty said...

Report sounds pretty good, you now know what you don't have. Our one daughter had some inner ear thing going a few years back. I'll have to ask her what they told her to do, seems like it was a simple exercise she did at home.

Rarelesserspotted said...

Gerald Campion brilliantly played the Billy Bunter character on BBC TV between 1952 and 1961; 40 half hour episodes over seven series. I remember it well! (sadly)

jabblog said...

It's good to know that you're 'abnormal' - what a relief:-)