Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's been a difficult week with so much heat and excessive humidity (80-85%). Fortunately I haven't had a lot of things that were imperative for me to accomplish.  So I have set myself up in the den each day with my lap top, a telephone at hand, a book to read, a notepad and a pencil, art pad and colored pencils, my Bible and a large cold drink -- mostly Gatorade and water, to replenish electrolytes and then I just didn't move any more than I had to.  

Now that might sound like bliss to some, and if you like sitting around in a wet 'swim suit' all day with a fan on you, it could be.  For me apart from feeling like I'm sitting around in a wet swim suit, the worst part is not having the mental energy to do any of the creative things I want to do. The humidity just drains me. I do think I don't adapt as well to humidity as other people do.  

BUT I have survived one week, -- yet they say there is no end in sight.  Though I must admit it is a little cooler this evening, hence this blog.

Now as far as my TANGLE above is concerned:
I have spent an hour or so each day doing as much as I could, mainly because these don't require a lot of thinking and planning ahead. Then if I don't like it I can scrap it or make easy changes on it.  In actual fact I didn't really think I would finish it or that it would be worth keeping.  Well it turned out better than I thought so I decided to post it.

For those who follow or participate in Every Inchie Monday, I have skipped several of these but do intend to get back in soon.  I almost didn't make ABC Wednesday last week and from hereon I have to use whatever cool breezes may emanate from our heatwave, to come up with something for Tuesday.

P.S. While putting this blog together I was listening to KPBS,  our public TV station.  They were showing a concert of the new-to-me, Nathan Pacheco.  A brilliant young tenor.  I have never heard of him before this evening, but  I have heard many many singers perform "Nessun Dorma". So when I heard him sing this and I got goose bumps, I knew he was a great singer.  Go to You Tube and look him up if you like hearing tenors.  He doesn't only sing opera.  Another piece he sang was "Hallelujah".


jabblog said...

I sat and melted yesterday as England tried to remember what summer was about so I have some idea how you feel.
I like your 'Tropical Tangle' - it looks refreshing.

snafu said...

There was a craze for those sort of patterns in the late sixties and you could buy a line drawn pster to colour in yourself. Much more clever to start from scratch and create the whole thing yourself,well done.

kaybee said...

This is beautiful, Chris - you are gong to have to show me how to work on one of these patterns. I am hopeless!

Sorry about your heatwave. We are enjoying perfect weather right now.

Gill - That British Woman said...

it has finally got a lot cooler here, but July was horrible for heat and humidity. I like you hibernate when its that hot and humid,

Gill in Canada

Black Jack's Carol said...

Even in the midst of your discomfort with the weather, you have created a beautiful TANGLE, and you have led me to Nathan Pacheco. Significant accomplishments :) Here is a youtube link to his version of "Hessun Dorma." I so enjoyed it! Thank you!

Gillian Mowbray said...

Hi Chris - thanks for getting back in touch. Your new 'tangles are great - this tropical tangle would look superb on a t-shirt or a mug maybe. How about Xmas presents for your new family members?