Monday, September 17, 2012

Here comes this week's Inchie !

The prompt for this week is  WALL.

The most attractive kind of wall I can think of is the stone wall built by the farmers living in Derbyshire and north of there.  In fact they are all over England, Wales and Scotland. They are attractive, but also take time to maintain. These walls are built without mortar and cleverly put together by careful shaping, construction and placement..  Although hedges are nice for promoting wild life, which  I love, but stone walls have a special appeal for me reminding me of my growing up years in Yorkshire and  Derbyshire.

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More Doodles by Chris.
These are fun to do.  I especially like choosing the colors and manipulating the shading.  The one I like best out of these three is the third one.  The first one, is just not what I was trying to produce. It is too busy and the yellow is not a good choice.  The second one is quite pleasing, but if I had used some of the complicated tangle patterns that would have given it more interest . The third one is more in line with what I am looking for -- pleasing colors, balance, order and symmetry as well as interesting designs within the overall piece.

Yes, I know that balance, order and symmetry are often 'no-no's' for some art styles, but I have decided that my art should reflect more of who I am. I am definitely more on the orderly side -- not picky and highly regulated, but organized, with reasonable self discipline along with  a pinch of adventure. I really like things that make sense -- definitely not fantasy.  Some would say "break out of the mold" and I would answer "been there, done that, like where I'm at now better."


MorningAJ said...

as soon as I saw your inchie I thought "Chris is pining for a Yorkshire drystone wall" :) It's excellent and reminds me of home (though it would have had a cow looking over it in our village!)

As for your doodles - I like the first one. So even though it wasn't what you were trying to do, it's got a fan.

Jane and Chris said...

We have built dry stone walls near the house as retaining walls..I love them!
I also love symmetry and order,but alas have no artistic talents whatsoever!
Jane x

rtquilter said...

Nice wall, Chris. I love seeing them snaking up the hillsides in Scotland! Great doodles too!

snafu said...

Nice wall, I was talking to a dry-stone-waller the other day, he is in so much demand he has to turn business away. Wiltshire and Gloucestershire are riddled with them. Some walls are very old since the land was cleared of large plough breaking stones by iron age farmers originally.
PS nice doodles, but I like the first doodle best.

Wanda said...

Yes, your wall is lovely, and rugged. My brother has a similar stone fence around his place near Mt. Shasta.

You doodles, as you call them could be fabric... In fact, you could be designing fabric. Someone would love a blouse from your creations.

Alan Burnett said...

I was up in the Dales last weekend and saw endless dry stone walls draped over the hills. Your picture manages to cram such creativity in such a small space.

sandy said...

You've totally inspired me with these doodles - they are gorgeous!!!!

Gotta run to get ready for appt early - need to come back and catch up.

Morning's Minion said...

The wall looks similar to those we viewed at the Shaker Village last summer.
I think your designs would be wonderful translated to fabric.