Saturday, December 15, 2012


Thanks to my sister for this title!

The 'noodles' are what we used to keep ourselves afloat in the pool when we were on Kauai.  I can't swim, but love the water and would stay in for an hour at least.  My sister Kay, can swim but didn't feel confident since she hadn't been in the water for a long time.

Well, we may not have the prettiest smiles, but we sure enjoyed ourselves!
Such a pretty pool with a fair-sized waterfall at one end. The water was coolly warm.  That means on cool days it felt warmer in the pool than out.

If you have visited my blog before, you will know what my 'Doodles' are.  I am experimenting with making a simple frame, but that will be a while before I perfect it.  In the mean time I have two more in color and two in white on black.  They are such fun to do.

Leaves and Butterflies

Leaves and Vines

Even as life goes on as usual for most of us, we're still remembering those of the Sandy Hook School tragedy.

More Kauai photos coming up soon.


Jane and Chris said...

I'd love a swim in a warm pool today,it's freezing rain here (blech!)
Jane x

Wanda said...

Sisters ~~ Two peas in a pod.

Boy do you look alike.

Your doodles just get better and better.. I can't believe the exactness of your details. The lace one is so exquisite.

Kay G. said...

I love the colors in your "doodles" as you call them.
These are too nice for that name, I would suggest, "Works of Art", how about it?
And I love you and your sister in the pool with your noodles!
Like you, I think I might still be a bit in shock over this latest shooting. We need to pray very hard for the families. May God be with them.

snafu said...

Pooled talents :)
Both sisters are gifted in art, both producing enviably good doodles, inchies and pictures. I might add that they are both handy with a camera too. Nice to know there is real talent in my family.

MorningAJ said...

It took me 50-plus years to get over my fear of water. I always avoided swimming when I was young. Now I can't get enough and go to my local pool twice a week.

Great doodles, as ever.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I came back to your blog today, wondering if the inchies themes were announced for 2013, and did find them. I'm so keen, perhaps I will begin with the last couple listed for 2012 to get me in the rhythm before I lose my nerve :) In the mean time, just love those photos of you and your sister having such fun together, and I agree with Wanda that the details in these inchies is spectacular.