Tuesday, April 9, 2013


They kept talking about moving a few weeks ago.  Well the only place I got moved to was the kennels.  But then after a few days Dad came and picked me up.  When we got out of the car  I knew we weren't at the old house because I didn't hear the electric garage door open.

Little did I know it but this was going to be a very moving experience for me.
So they dumped me in the middle of the floor and I'm complaining "Let me outta here!"
Finally they let me out and I had a good look around.  It didn't look like the old place and it didn't smell like it, but some of the furniture had the same smell.
Okay, so what's down here?  Some more rooms I guess.  There's Dad's old desk from his upstairs office 

But I kept on going. Hmm...a bedroom.  It has Auntie Kay's bed in there, but I was more interested in the next bedroom.  It has patio doors.
I wonder what's out there.
Wow!  A covered deck!  Bet they won't let me out there.  I keep hearing them tell people I'm an indoor cat, because there are coyotes out there.  I wonder what coyotes are. Maybe I'd like them -- maybe I wouldn't.
Wait a minute!  What's this???
Phew! For a moment I thought they'd got another cat, but it was only me.  Couldn't help admiring myself.  Pretty handsome fellow I am too.
Ah well, back down the hall again.
Oof!  All this wandering around exploring is tiring me out.  Got to get some zzzz's and then start looking the place over again.

Moving mostly done.  Many Machinations over Multiple items going up for sale hopefully this weekend.  Much debate over what to sell and what to keep.  Memories making some decisions difficult.  There should be a Mandatory Month's rest after Moving house! Hit and Miss blogging for a while.

The Letter M for ABC Wednesday.  I think I'm back to participating again.  Thanks to Mrs Nesbitt and Roger Owen Green.  To see more entries, please visit HERE.


Jane and Chris said...

Scruffy, wow...you've got yourself a really nice new home there! Trust us...you don't want to know about coyotes..they are B.A.D. news!
Love from Us (Jane's cats at the REAL Maple Syrup Mob) xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful post ~ Love the photos and the captions and your dear cat 'steals the show' ~ adorable ~ sending many blessings to you and yours in your new home ~ ^_^

Terra said...

Scruffy you are a handsome chap and it looks like you like your new home.

Leslie: said...

MARVELOUS post about MOVING from the cat's perspective! I had to smile and even chuckle out loud at bit. Looking forward to MORE stories about your new home!

abcw team

Ann said...

Looks like you have a great new place and everyone will be back to normal soon. He got all tuckered out and I'm sure you are too.

Roger Owen Green said...

MOVING is so disruptive to ALL creatures, human and otherwise!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Morning's Minion said...

Moving is so unsettling--at least we humans have some idea why its happening, while our pets can only wonder. The photo of Scruffy confronting his mirror image is a treasure.
I enjoyed your alliterative 'M's.
I had an email 'conversation' this morning with the editor of our local online 'magazine'--re alliteration--he allowed we could use it in our writing, but in this county one didn't mention such literary tactics!

snafu said...

Nice to know your staff have found you some comfortable accomodation Scruffy. A nice touch the cat level mirror, you can check up on your apperance more often. No need to go around looking scruffy, you can keep that fur looking good.

mrsnesbitt said...

You keep them in their place Scruffy! A great contribution for ABC Wednesday - glad you found the time. lol! Sweet dreams.

Reader Wil said...

Wonderful post about Scruffy, and the letter M is well represented! Thank you!I wish you a wonderful time in your new house!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Mara said...

I hope he settles in soon. Some cats have more difficulties with that than others. He seems to be fine now though.

Nanka said...

A neat place and much, much, more after all is done!! Exhausting time now for you Chris!!

Kate said...

Animals have some of the same fears and anxieties we humans have. Kate, ABC Team

claude said...

Hello Chris !
Very nice the visit of Scruffy of our new beautiful home. He Seems to feel ok.
I have a sad story to tell about one of the cats from my parents after a move. We left a small pavilion in the Paris suburbs to come in first, before my parents bought a new house, in an apartment. Mom took her cat outside on a leash and a day she decided to detach it. The cat run in the field next door and we have never seen him. Mom cried a lot.

photowannabe said...

Love Scruffy's adventures in your new home.
I know you will all be happy there and I'm glad you are back in Blogland too.
Take it slow and easy, we'll be here.
Recouping seems to take time for me now. I haven't recovered completely from Mexico yet.
No regrets just the old body doesn't respond the way it used to...(:0)

Joy said...

Scruffy looks to be settling in nicely. Interesting how cats like to stretch out by curtains.

kaybee said...

Been busy, very busy, here...not much time to write, but this post made my day! I am glad that Scruffy walked right on past MY room...he knows his place....but I might consider sharing it with him when I am not there!

Latane Barton said...

Very cute post. I loved reading about the cat's move.

ChrisJ said...

For my readers: my sister, Kaybee, is allergic to cats hence her comment about Scruffy. She really likes Scruffy but just can't touch him.

jabblog said...

Scruffy, I didn't realise how busy your life has been in recent weeks. I have been reading back through Chris's blog posts and learning how things have been changing. I do hope you will all settle in happily and even though you're an indoor cat it's nice to know that the air coming into your new domain will not smell so very different from that in your previous home.
I think your people need lots of purrs and cuddles so that they have to sit down and rest;-)

Patty said...

Congratulations on the move. Something I would hate to think about doing.We have so
much stuff from living here for 50 years. Thank goodness we do have a one floor plan, so that saves us going up and down stairs to a second level or a basement. I bet the cat is getting use to his/her new home and loving it. Especially looking at it's self in the mirror. LOL

sandy said...

I so enjoyed the cat's tour - love your place - it looks great, light and airy.