Thursday, February 27, 2014


FRIDAY SHOOT-OUT:  Stained Glass

When we bought our house last year, one item we had to deal with had to with stained glass.  The previous owners had installed a very nice understated stained glass window design.  The only problem was that it incorporated their initials -- which of course are not the same as ours.

There are two large windows on the front of the house.  Both are inscribed with this logo.  This photo taken from the inside looking out of one of them shows the initials.  We found out where the previous owners had had the window designed and installed and looked into replacing the center panel.  Turns out we had to take out the whole section just to remove the initials. Originally we thought of replacing them with our initials, but when we calculated the cost of the whole process for both windows, we decided that was one expense we didn't need along with all the other moving costs.

So this is what we ended up with for the time being:

Eventually we decided we would like to incorporate the sign of the fish on that center pane, since we are a Christian family and want to identify ourselves as such:

I am looking around to see what would be the most effective and least expensive way of incorporating the sign of the fish into our windows.  I don't think it will be by means of stained glass, but you never know.
This is my contribution to Friday, my Town Shoot-out.  To see more contributions and some beautiful stained glass please click HERE.


snafu said...

The original initials look a lot like like CJ to me, at least one of you had their intials. If you can get the kind of metal fish ahape you have shown, would superglue not work?

Kim, USA said...

I like the fish sign on the stained glass if it will stick. But if it won't the no initial stained glass window is already beautiful.