Thursday, March 20, 2014


Yeah! Creative Tuesday is back!  I have two reasons I'm happy about that.  First, I need some kind of a prompt to get me started on a new piece of work, and second, because we have two weeks to create something.  I seem to need the time to decide what I'm going to do, and then when I do it I don 't feel too pressured.

Well, this week you get two for the price of one.  The theme this week is to "jump right in" and get started in Creative Tuesday, after its absence of four months.

So this is my first contribution:

Ducks and frogs are on my mind, because unlike many places, our spring is really here -- in fact it has been here all winter.  The spring flowers are almost done and the frogs are in full voice.  Orioles are around but haven't visited our grape jelly yet.  They have arrived about 3 weeks early.  My plumeria has put forth an abundance of new young leaves and our African Tulip tree which was such a mystery last year, now has eight or ten buds sprouting new branches or maybe they are large leaflets.  We shall see.

The second piece I have done was by mistake.  The first post on Creative Tuesday about beginning again this month had drawings of all kinds of cakes on it, so I jumped to the conclusion that the theme was to be about celebrating with cake.  I immediately thought of a memorable time when I  was about 10 years old (in 1947 !) when my grandmother was staying with us.  We called her Little Gran as opposed to Big Gran, (for obvious reasons) and it was her 72nd birthday.  We decided to surprise her by baking a birthday cake and putting 72 candles on it.  It was so exciting for me as a child to see so many candles on one cake.

 So there you have it -- my two entries for Creative Tuesday.

Please see the next blog for a photograph of the famous birthday cake.
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Anonymous said...

I guess I am older than you as I was born in 1934. If you were ten in 1947 then you must have been born in 1937? I remember lots of things from my past but not baking. I did come home from school once and was about ten years old. I saw a chocolate cake on the table and ended up eating the whole cake by myself sitting on a shovel in the coal shed. My mother asked me if I art it and I looked her in the eye and swore I didn't and she whipped the daylights out of me -- for telling a lie. She told me I had chocolate on my face leftover from eating the cake. I guess we all have had similar experiences.

snafu said...

Nice spring picture. That must have taken some effort to blow out such a huge blaze. I hope no one does that for me next year.

lissa said...

cute drawings! now how long does it takes to put 72 candles on a cake? I would imagine it would take a while.

& I, too, thought the theme might be cake, at least it brought a good memory for you.

have a great day.

Wanda said...

I'm very excited that CT is back. I need the motivation to get busy painting again.

I think we had a similar thought for jump. I'll be posting mine Monday, as I have a couple of weekend posts I want to do. And the deadline is 3/25.

I'll be 73 May 1st...wonder if anyone will put 73 candles on my cake...haha.

claude said...

Hi Chris !
I very glad I just read your post without google translating.
I love your first drawing and I wonder how was big the cake you baked for your Little Gran.
Have a nice week-end.

kaybee said...

Love your little frog! And your depiction of little Gran is very cute! Glad to see you back and 'creative' !!

Kim said...

Very cute jump in painting. I also love the Grandmother with the birthday cake. What a cool memory. I can't imagine how hard it was to keep the candles from burning down while you lit them all. She must have loved that birthday :)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Such a fun drawing. Love how you have blended all the greens together with the subtle brown and blue in the water. Wow 72 candles on a cake, must have taken a lot of puff to blow out!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Visiting from CT - I love your duck & frog image, it is a lot of fun, but I love your Little Gran picture because it is a happy image. :o)

Christine said...

very nice pieces, both!

Alicia C said...

Yay cake! I really like it that you made a cake - it would be a fun theme but of coursevyour duck and frog are divine - i appreciate the sense of hesitation

Michael said...

Wow, Chris, BOTH are lovely and quite funny renderings ...with wonderful accompanying stories, to boot! LOVE it. you know, seeing that actual photo of the cake with 72 candles on it is quite amazing. It must have been an inferno. LOL. That last time I had enough candles on my cake for each year was when I turned 40 and we set off the smoke alarms! hahahhaha.

So love to read, btw, how you and others are happy to have Ct back again to help you plug along. That TOTALLY inspires me, dear christine.