Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Blogging ... More Art

It seems that if I spend a lot of time blogging I don't have time to do my artwork, so I have not posted as many blogs lately.  But here is some more of my artwork.  The flowers are done especially for the 'girls' in our family -- one for each.  I have already posted three, now here are two more:


This one I called Deep Rose.  It is for my sweet grand- daughter.  She asked for a deep dark rose.
I chose an iris for my daughter-in-law who is beautiful, tall and elegant, so I called it Elegant Iris.

The bird is a song sparrow, one of whom has been frequenting our birder feeder a lot.  I enjoy drawing birds and will probably do more soon.  The Orioles are on their way back and we are putting out grape jelly to encourage them.  They LOVE grape jelly  -- and so do humming birds.

A song sparrow has a loud insistent song and competes with the house finch in our area to dominate the spring-time singing.

I have also done some more tangles.  I find these good to get my hand back in to do more drawing after not having done much for a while.  The colors, the balance and the detailed lines help me to regroup my talent and my 'drawing eye'.

These first two are more conventional but the third one below is a little more complicated and marks a new direction for me to do these tangles on colored paper, so that I can leave some areas uncolored.

I did this one on yellow card, but the scan didn't bring out the yellow enough.  Still, I like doing this kind of tangle rather than those that give me definitive lines, it gives me more avenues for creativity. 


DawnTreader said...

These are all lovely. I almost feel inspired to try a little painting again. (After an injury many years ago I quickly get pain in my arm from holding brush and pencil - or anything small. But maybe I could try something small...)

Wanda said...

Chris...your are such a patient artist. The detail is incredible.

The flowers are lovely.

Creative Tuesday is back on, so I dusting off my paints and will try to get back in the flow.

claude said...

You are so talented, Chris.
I admire your beautiful work.

kaybee said...

I think the girls are going to be very happy with their flowers. They are beautiful! And nice to see you tangling again. Love them all!

snafu said...

Thise flowers are really good.

photowannabe said...

Lucky family to get your beautiful art work.
You have to be very patient to do the tangles. I do love them though. I have a "coloring book" that has many tangle designs I can color. Its great therapy after a busy day. I usually use felt tip pens and just putter away while watching TV.
Good to see you back at blogging again.

Patty said...

Lovely art work. Your family must be proud to receive an item from you.

I can't draw, but I have a husband that use to draw and paint a lot, a son and several daughters, plus a Grandson and Granddaughter that like to draw.

Alan Burnett said...

Sometimes a blast of colour can be as eloquent as a paragraph full of words.