Sunday, August 17, 2014




This  painting is my submission for Creative Tuesday on the topic of Poppies -- yet it is actually only 2/3 of what will be the finished picture.  There is a background that I want to put in, but I haven't quite decided what it will be.

Here it is still unfinished and still without a back ground.  I will explain in the next round why I have had to leave it unfinished, even though the first drawing could stand alone, (with a background), but I like the full  arrangement much better.  I'm looking forward to finishing it off soon.

In the mean time, here are the details of what I used to create the picture. I began while in the waiting room of our local hospital, waiting for my husband to go through a rather lengthy examination. (It was a two hour procedure and thankfully everything is fine).  The waiting room was comfortable with good light. so I spent the time just penciling out where the poppies would be on the page.  Then I drew in the details, still in pencil. I am using a small moleskin note book about 5 1/2 X 7 1/2 inches.  I then outlined the definition of the poppies and and leaves using a micro-point felt tip pen.  I think I was home again by the time I got to this stage.

All that remained was to color the poppies using Prisma Color pencils thickly, over and over, blending the colors with a white Prisma Color pencil.  I like using this rather than their actual blender. So far I have used probably 15 different colors or more on these poppies,  It took me a couple of evenings to get as far as you can see in the reproductions above.  Then I realized that I wasn't going to get this finished in time for Tuesday as I have a very busy few days ahead.  So as a compromise, I finished 2/3 of it with the promise to myself that I will finish the complete picture, including the background, a few days from now.

Before I will consider it finished, I will go over each line fixing anything necessary and adding more color where necessary, then I will prop it up somewhere on my desk where I can see it for a couple of days and see if there is anything else I need to do.

So there you have it.  The making of a Creative Tuesday Project.. Now I will go take a look at all the others that have been posted.  Why don't you join me by clicking HERE ?


Morning's Minion said...

I hope you will share the finished work with us. I look forward to the poppies which self-sow in my garden each year--so colorful and yet quickly gone.

kaybee said...

Beautiful poppies, Chris - so crisp and bright. Can't wait to see the finished picture! In person?!!

Christine said...

wow stunningly beautiful!

claude said...

I love poppies and yours are very beautiful.

snafu said...

They are looking good, you have captured the poppynes exactly. Very appropriate to me if you pop over to my most recent blog you will see why.

Wanda said...

Chris, you are such a master with those pencils. I would take lesson from you if we lived close.

The poppies are outlined perfect and with and without color are just stunning.

Good job.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Chris, your poppies are SUPER beautiful! So lovely. Don't try to perfect them too much more as they're amazing as is!! :)

Michael said...

Wow, it really is amazing, especially for Prismacolour pencil! I can see the various layers you've built up. Yes, that would take ages and no doubt your hand must start to cramp up, right? Even unfinished and cropped it actually looks finished to me and lovely! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out after you've mused over it for a while. Do be sure to let me know when that is done by leaving a comment for others to see on whatever is the latest post on CT. Great start then! thank you for playing along, Chris!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Such beautiful poppies! I agree with Michael, they look finished to me but would love to see your finalised version.