Sunday, October 12, 2014


I haven't been blogging for over a week.  My mind just gets too overloaded when so many things are going on.  So I missed ABC Wednesday (sorry, Denise and Roger) and Creative Tuesday (sorry Michael).  However, the good news is that Haley (my step-granddaughter) is home from the hospital after two weeks of very up and down experiences and some not at all pleasant.

After a second flare-up of the Crohn's while in the hospital they were finally able to give her the necessary meds even while she was also dealing with the C-diff bug.  Not sure if the latter is over but they wanted her out of the hospital environment because it is a hospital born bug.

After her mom and step-dad had been giving her 24 hour care at the hospital all this time, she slept 14 hours straight, the first night home -- WHAT A BLESSING!  and Mom and Dad slept 10 hours!!

Haven't had an update today but we are not bothering them, they have too many adjustments to make at home for her.

So we are truly giving thanks on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  We thank all of you who have prayed -- so many praying, all over the world, (close friends from our years of ministry) from Australia, Micronesia, Europe, Canada and of course England.

Please continue praying for her recovery and no relapses.

GOD IS GOOD ALL  THE TIME no matter what happens, we trust Him, because we know Him.


Morning's Minion said...

Good news, indeed. Will pray that progress continues to stability and recovery.

snafu said...

That is good news. Liz is now going through a similar scenario, will e-mail

Kay G. said...

I like the sound of that wonderful healing SLEEP for them all! There is just nothing like getting out of the hospital, I know it was needed, and I am grateful for professional care, but you know what I just can't rest very well while you are there.
They are still in my prayers.

claude said...

Thanks for these good news. I do not pray, Chris but I hope the best to her.

mrsnesbitt said...

Good stuff Chris xxxxx

Black Jack's Carol said...

I am thrilled about this news, Chris. Thank you so much for taking time to let us know how things are going. (Email coming soon, but in the mean time, lots of heartfelt love and hope coming your (and Haley's) way from this part of the world.

Unknown said...

I am Black Jack Carol's sister and have been following Hayley's story through her blog. I am happy to hear that there has been some positive news and I am sending healing thoughts and very best wishes to all of you.

ChrisJ said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. So good of so many who have responded. Haley is sleeping well and eating a little more than when in the hospital. A couple of Dr. appointments coming up in the next couple of days. Some small infection in the incision. We are definitely feeling more optimistic. Wonderful to hear from Black Jack's sister!