Wednesday, December 3, 2014


All the credit for the first part of this post goes to ALAN BURNETT, a Yorkshireman whose blog is entitled NEWS from NOWHERE.  (Click on this title.)
I am fascinated by this photograph which Alan posted on his blog.  I love the many shades of color and the textures within it.  I like things that are colorful and have shape symmetry and perhaps a purpose to them.  But to me this is beautiful.  I could live with it even if it were a mural. I have been back and visited it a number of times.  He says that he took it with his new camera which he calls his Little Nik.  (for more details on this camera please click on the link to Alan's blog, above. ) Then I read that Alan had UNWITTINGLY produced this wonderful piece of art.  He explains:
"This image was another shot gone wrong. It started as a slightly out of focus shot of some fallen Autumn leaves. I tried to sharpen it up using Photoshop and obviously pressed the wrong button".
Since I have just spent the last hour trying to cut and paste the above quote, I DO KNOW how UNPREDICTABLE technology can be -- (especially if you are using Windows 8!)  But this photo is pure serendipity, (only we are supposed to be using words beginning with U!).

Here is the original photo, beautiful in itself, but I still love the one  it produced.

Since neither of these photos are mine, I do ask you to respect that these photos are the property of Alan Burnett of "News from Nowhere" .  See link above.

Another U word is UNWILLING. I took the photo of this tree  on Monday.  It is called Liquid Amber and has been gradually developing this color over the past two months going through various shades until it has become this beautiful wine color.  

This tree seems UNWILLING to drop its leaves, even though all the others like it up and down the street have lost at least half of theirs, if not all. 

This is my entry to ABC Wednesday, started by Mrs. Nesbitt, continued by Roger Owen Green and his team of helpers.  We are now about to start our 16th round.  Please click HERE to see other entries and how about considering joining us in the new round?


claude said...

Hi Chris !
I love the first picture.
Your drawing of Decembre reminds me the birch trees of my neigbor' I can see every morning with birds perched in.

Alan Burnett said...

Hi Chris, I am delighted you chose to use the photograph and if any of your readers want to copy it and use it, I am more than happy for them to do so. Best wishes from Yorkshire, Alan

Trubes said...

Hi Chris,
As soon as I studied the first photograph I felt it was of fallen leaves as the colours are so Autumnal (my favourite season).
The tree with the wine coloured leaves is beautiful, little surprise that it is unwilling to shed it's leaves, such a show off!
It looks as if the leaves have been spray painted, they have such a gloss....stunning!
best wishes,
ABCW team.

Anonymous said...

How did he do it? It's like an explosion of colour.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Sometimes, I come to a blog and am so struck that I have to take a little time before commenting. That happened with your previous post and this one too. (I'll go back to leave a comment on the previous one right after this.) That first photograph is one that I've been thinking about today. Something about the way each leaf seems to have hundreds of cylinders reaching out to draw us into their warmth. Something, too about the subtle yet strong shades, with the greens forming a circle around the brighter colours. Just a treasure. No wonder you have gone back to look at it many times. I will visit Alan's blog to let him know it was your post that took me there. As for the Liquid Amber tree, I was really interested in the photo because you had identified similar ones on our street (thank you for that!). There is one here, as well, that seems loathe to let its leaves fall. No wonder. They are so beautiful! Wonderful post, Chris!

Roger Owen Green said...

Wow, that altered image IS lovely!


snafu said...

That is very effective, it is amazing what you can do with photgraphic software.