Wednesday, February 4, 2015

D IS FOR.....

I must give full credit for this idea for the letter D, to Diana of   HEART-SHAPED  . She had a post about a PUD CRAWL , not a PuB  crawl.  'Pud' is short for 'pudding' which is often what the British call dessert -- at least it was when I lived there. We are not at the letter P in ABC Wednesday, but...we are at the letter D and D is for DESSERT.  So thanks to Diana, we are going on a Dessert Drive.  (A bit of convoluted thinking I admit, but that's really how it came about).

I chose my favorite desserts, found pictures of them and now present them to you.  If you are easily tempted you'd better stop reading now.

I am not a cake and pie person, but anything with fresh cream, sugar, caramel or meringue is my favorite.  So in alphabetical  order here they are:

BAKED ALASKA  (pound cake basis, topped with large bricks of home-made ice cream covered with mounds of meringue and baked for brief minutes in a VERY hot oven.)

CREME BRULEE  (Forgive me, please, for no accents.  I don't know if it can be done in Blogger and I'm still fighting Windows 8.)  This is a smooth, very creamy custard topped with a thin, crisp, crunchy caramel layer).

ENGLISH TRIFLE  (Fruit, angel food cake soaked in jello and sherry -- in my case fruit juice,  covered with thick custard and whipped cream and usually topped with slivered almonds.)

GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE (This is out of deference to my husband.  Not for me, but one dessert for him out of five for me seems to be fair enough!)

MEXICAN FLAN  ( a smooth egg custard topped with caramel -- there are several versions of this)

PAVLOVA  (meringue base, whipped cream and fruit -- Australian)

TIRAMISU  (Cream, chocolate and coffee flavors with Lady Fingers --Italian)

I just realized that each of these desserts come from a different country.  No special significance, just interesting.  Sorry no recipes because as I've said before, baking and cooking are not my gifts, but eating these could be !

Got to go find something good to eat now, but if you are still reading and have not gone off in search of your favorite dessert, please visit ABC WEDNESDAY by clicking HERE.  I know Mrs. Nesbitt, the creator of this project, could probably expertly produce each of these desserts, but how about you Roger, our worthy leader?  Do you have any cooking skills?  I've heard it said that men make the best chefs (I wouldn't dare say that!)


Unknown said...

All of the desserts you posted look fantastic. I dont like to cook or bake, but I sure enjoy eating! My hubby and all 3 children are excellent cooks and they are also teaching their children. Now I am truly hungry!!!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Yummmmm. I have yet to try baked Alaska and pavlova. I actually enjoy whipping up meringue by hand. It's very satisfying to see the magical change of liquid egg whites to meringue.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

snafu said...

I have not yet had breakfast and here you are flaunting some of my favorites. Crem Brulee and tiramisu, being high up there. That mexican thing, is often found in the UK under a completely different name, which I cannot recall just at present, but has no reference to Mexico in its name here.
Great D. Now for breakfast... hmmm...

Trubes said...

Yum Yum!
Baked Alaska and Crème Brulee, my favourites, oh and Pavlova.
The pictures look good enough to eat.

Best wishes,

ABCW team.

Gill - That British Woman said...

me and you are twins, as other than the German Chocolate Cake all the others are my favourites too!!

Roger Owen Green said...

You're killing me here. too DELICIOUS-looking!


Ann said...

Well I want a creme brulee about right now.

Wanda said...

Don loves Tiramisu, but calls it Transmission since it's hard for his to pronounce. HaHa.

I'll take a slice of all of the above...Wonderful pictures and some new desserts I had never heard of.

Patty said...

They all look delicious to me, some more then others. Especially the Baked Alaska. I could eat a piece right about now.

claude said...

Wow !
I just took 4 pounds in a few minutes.

Gattina said...

The only desert I love from all this is the Tiramisu !

Black Jack's Carol said...

I've been missing in action.. and am so sorry for that, and devastated to read your sad news. I know you said "no comments" but I have to let you know that my heart is with you both. Of course, you did all you could. Never for a moment would I question that. Much love to you!