Thursday, April 2, 2015

L is for Lost Days.

L is for Lost Days

My old nemesis, Intestinal Blockage reared its ugly head again this week. So this is a simple apology for scrambling my entries for ABC Wednesdays  'The Letter L' and Creative Tuesdays, 'the Bouquet.'  For once I had both of these entries ready to post, but half way between the actual posting and the Linking-in process  I became acutely ill. Ended up back in the Emergency Room (now for the third time in the past two years!)  The blogs were posted but not actually linked.  So I do think you can still go back to actual pages and read my entries.

Had 6 days in the hospital and returned home just three hours ago.  You don't need to hear all the gory details but hopefully one day  I can blog the implications of these episodes -- that is when I know them for myself!

Not sure when I will get all my blogging sorted out and in good order again.  In the mean time stay tuned.

I'm not giving up.  Your prayers are appreciated.


snafu said...

Kaybee told me you were in hospital again. Sorry to hear it and hope you can get it all sorted soonest.

claude said...

I wish you a very goog recovery.

Scriptor Senex said...

All the best for a speedy recovery.

Patty said...

Hope by now you are feeling so much better. Also hope they get it all straightened out for you soon.

My shingles are gone, but the skin is still painful, more so then when I had the shingles. Taking something that's suppose to help those nerve endings.

Have a wonderful Sunday and hoping you are so much improved and are still home and not back in the hospital.

Wanda said...

Chris so sorry to hear of your recent health issues. We've been in Oregon visiting jill and I'm just getting back to blogging myself.

Much love and prayers for you, dear.

Scriptor Senex said...

Thinking of you a lot this week!

Diane said...

So sorry you have been ill my friend. I hope you are feeling better now, As we say in these parts "Shek thi sen lass!"" ( I hope you've not forgotten your "Yorkshire"), Lots of love (and I'm sorry I made you homesick!) xxxx

Patty said...

Hope this is finding you very much improved. I never had a blocked bowel, but I had adhesion's that had shut my gall ducts off and made a mess of my intestines. Plus I was turning yellow from jaundice. I've had four abdominal surgeries and to me that was the worse one. It was number 3. It's amazing what our body can go through.

My shingles are gone, but the skin is so tender, sometimes feels like a bad burn, other times an aching, and other times like someone or something is sticking me with a sharp object.

But we have to hang in there, knowing it will get better.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh my goodness, Chris, I ran out of blogging steam for quite a while (though we are fine) and so I missed seeing this post. I am so hoping you are recovering but see it has been 23 days since your last post. Very worried for you but know your faith is strong and know that you will do everything in your power to recover if you believe that to be God's will. I will email as well, but save your strength for healing. No reply needed. I am pulling for you!

Anonymous said...

I have been on and off also to do a whole lot. I am having bowl problems also. .

Under drs care. Had so many tests and colonoscopy's. I am so tired .

Still a puzzle to the Drs. How do I think. I am the one who suffers.

I will keep you in prayer.