Thursday, March 22, 2007


"Father Catches 'Em, Mother Cooks 'Em"

Sad news via the Bridlington Free Press

Flamborough lost some of its history this week.
Our good friend from childhood days, Robert Emmerson,
of Flamborough, UK -- a brave and worthy fisherman;
an ex-member of the lifeboat crew and well known
figure at the North Landing selling his crabs and lobsters,
passed away this week at the age of 82. These photos
were taken last summer.

Though he once traveled to
Spain on vacation, he didn't
think much of it in comparison
to Flamborough! He was
one of the last fishermen to fish
out of North Landing,
before the bulk of the industry
moved to Bridlington.

In his latter years, Robert spoke to us of his commitment
as a Christian. He was a life-long Methodist.

North Landing will never be quite the same.

For more information on Robert visit the Flamborough Today
link in the sidebar.


kaybee said...

That's so sad -- but I guess he live a good, long life. It would have been nice to see him in flamboro this year. I don't really remember him very well, but I do remember Majorie Emmerson. One thing I remember was when we went to their home one Christmas and she had made a beautiful house out of a cardboard box, with cottonwool all over it, to make it look like snow. The roof lifted up, but I forget what was inside -- maybe little gifts, or Christmas cards -- I think I received something from her. I was only around four years old, I guess. Did they own the petrol station across from us?

ChrisJ said...

The Atkinsons owned the garage (or petrol station). Robert built a house in Donkey Field. Margery's is the other side of Donkey Lane.They were all fishing families. Even Norman, (also an Emmerson)Margery's husband, went to sea after we left the village. Before that he worked in Beverley. And now their son, whose name I've forgotten for the moment, also went to sea, though Margery and Norman didn't want him to. It's in the blood!
Sorry, I don't remember the Christmas incident you mention.

Anonymous said...

I probably should comment whenever I see something new on your blog - will try harder - I do check it (almost) daily!!