Sunday, March 4, 2007


For all the complaining about computers, that I have done,
(and it's a lot), I have to admit that
there are days when I'm
very pleased to have one. Like today!


I scan eBay regularly for all things 'Flamborough' A few
days ago I came across a small blue and white teapot,
with 'Flamborough Head' written on the side.

Pink and Green Ribbon

Not very earth shaking, I know, but since I have the
matching blue and white mug, and the small sugar bowl,
(which I also found on eBay), I am very happy to say
that I won the bidding on this teapot.

Green Flash!

I know there is a small milk jug or creamer out there,
because I seem to recall seeing it and deciding that I
didn't want it. That was before I knew there was a
teapot and sugar bowl.

Primrose Daisy

I'm going to get my camera out and see if I can take a
photo of the pieces I have, then I can stop boring you
with all my ATC's.
Still, I feel a blog is so much more interesting with some-
thing more than just words on it.


Anonymous said...

Keep posting your ATC's - what does that stand for anyway? Ebay sure can be fun/helpful!

ChrisJ said...

ATC's are Art Trading Cards. You'll have t go back to my Feb 4th blog for details. I'd never heard of them, but apparently they are a legitimate art form. Any way they're fun to do because they're so small.