Saturday, April 21, 2007


This is my new business card. The photo is my
painting that goes with my book, "The Tale of Robin
Lyth", and the quill is of course, the symbol to show
that I finally admit to being a writer. It took me
more than half a day to design it so I think it will be
a while before I change the design!

I guess I'm a writer now, since I have four books
published (and one still unpublished).

This week I decided to start a new one. I have
already written the introduction and half the first
chapter. The title for now is "What Christians
Believe About the Old Testament". In it I will try
to present exactly what the title says. It will be
slanted for those who do not profess to be Christians,
but genuinely want to know.

It should also be of help to those Christians who
are not very familiar with the Old Testament and
would like to know of what value it is to us today.

I don't intend to make it an academic treatise, but
will hopefully try to make it more readable in style.
Most of us know some Old Testament stories from
here and there, but how do they hang together?
What is the overall message that evangelical
Christians believe God conveyed to us through these
ancient writings? Do they relate to our lives today?
Does it matter?

Perhaps next time I will tell you why I decided to write
this particular book.


Anonymous said...

Write on!!! I know several people (including wives of pastors) who have never read the OT! I might purchase several copies to hand out. Do you have a list of potential books?
Like the business card too.

Anonymous said...
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