Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Family Photos

I was asked for photos of my sons and this is the
best I could come up with! Time to take more
photos, I think. They take photos all the time,
but not of themselves.

This is Glyn at least 5 years ago, maybe 10!
Taking me for a ride on an old train near us.
He is a great photographer.

This is Owen, last year up at least 10,000 feet,
having slept in the snow overnight. He leads
teams of hikers into the wilderness, hiking and
snowshoeing, etc.

(The sun glasses are obviously 'in'.)
Both 'boys' own their own businesses and will not
thanks me for putting these photos on display.
We did take a family photo on the spur of the
moment at Dad's memorial service in Wales two
years ago, but they were awful and will never see
the light of day. I will try to do better soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris - nice looking guys. If they don't like these photos maybe they should provide some of their own!!!!