Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update on Neosho

My husband returns from Neosho today after 5 days of very draining and worthwhile ministry there. The funerals were Saturday. Kohne flew in from Saipan (long journey!) on Friday and he and Barry have been spending these last couple of days visiting relatives of those who were slain. There were over a thousand people at the funeral and again at the special Sunday service. The Micronesian population in Neosho itself is about three hundred. You may wonder why there are so many in this little Missouri town.

Apparently there was one Micronesian lady who worked for a company in Neosha, and when she went home to the islands for her vacation, her employer begged her to bring back a dozen more like her. So she did! The Tyson Chicken Company is located near Neosha and they and another company have provided employment for these people. There are no problems with illegal immigrants because the Federated States of Micronesia have had a long standing relationship with the United States and no visas are required.

This photo was taken on the islands in February this year. My husband is standing with a lady and her three children who just lost her husband from diabetes. The right treatment was not available on the island and they could not afford to send him to Guam or Hawaii. Unfortunately we did not find out about their need until it was too late. Jonathon was an extremely talented young man, gifted musically and played the electric keyboard for the church.

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Anonymous said...

What a difficult time for all concerned - thank you for keeping us updated - have seen nothing in the papers here other than the day of the shootings.