Friday, August 31, 2007

Odds and Ends this Week

Did you ever wonder how much work goes into writing
a book? I cleared out my desk this week to get rid of
all my rough drafts of my book "Good News Comes to
Pohnpei" Probably about 4 or 5 versions in this pile of
papers and that doesn't count all the hundreds of sheets
I had already thrown away. These were the drafts from
when I thought I was getting close to finishing!

It's so hard to get a photo of Bailey looking at me.
He doesn't like the flash. So I was pretty pleased to
get this shot especially because the flash come on a
split second before the photo is actually taken -- just
enough time for him to turn his head.

He may not like looking at the camera but he spends
endless hours watching the birds just outside 'his' window.

I spent at least an hour trying to get this photo of one

of the house finches Bailey sits and watches. This one
is not in finest color, since it is no longer spring. But now
I have figured out how to operate the macro component
of my camera, so hopefully this week I will get some really
good close-ups of various things.

I will post them in a day or two. We have company for Labor
and Saturday and Sunday are busy days for our house.


Wanda said...

Hi Chris: I've not been around to visit you blog for a while..finally back home after a wonderful couple of weeks with my family. I hope to be back on track now visiting you all every day!
These are great pictures. Your desk looks so NEAT!!

kaybee said...

Funny -- that was MY immediate reaction -- how neat your desk is!! You should see mine! I actually have to take an afternoon a week to sort out all my papers, compile all my lists of 'things to do,' shred the discards and set out all my work in order of priority. Now that school is back in -- I will have to share the desk with Wendy; it's where she does all her planning. So I am going to have to get my act together and keep things neat!

The Ginger Darlings said...

We too have been watching the birds as She filled up the bird feeders when it went cold. Sometimes the big black birds come to ours, but mostly finches in greens and pinks. Underneath we wait, sometimes, in the long grass.
But She says " come away. It is not a cat toy" and scoopes us up to take inside. So we watch from the window as they dance in and out of the thorn trees. Hmm.... birds.... lovely.