Tuesday, November 13, 2007


She's ba-ack! But look at her tail!! I guess the neighbors thought that by clipping her tail it would stop her flying over the fence. Didn't work! You have to clip her wings!

Caught in the act! This is her fourth pot o
f begonias.


In my last post I said I would put up some happier photos.

Here is my first photo of a humming bird at the feeder we put up last week.

Here are a couple of white crowned sparrows actually sunbathing. They were not taking a dust bath but spreading out their tail feathers and plumping up their feathers to collect the sun. These white crowned sparrows are so difficult to photograph. They move
so fast. I'm still trying to get a good one.

This is an awful photo (below) but I kept it because this is a house finch that has been visiting us for quite some time and he is really a beautiful gold color -- not yellow and not pink. Of course he may not be a house finch at all. I will try to get a better photo but either I have changed some setting on my camera or else the camera is not working properly.

The next two photos are just to show that I can still take a half decent photo!

The Pyracantha berries are in good form again this year.

The red leaves are from a plant whose name I cannot remember, but they turn red in the fall. These are in an insignificant part of our back yard around by the chimney.

I have posted some more ATC's on my ATC Blog, (see side bar for link).

I also plan on posting a couple of paintings I have been working on, on this blog in a day or so.

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Time to write a book about Henrietta!!!!