Friday, November 16, 2007

Some of my Paintings.

Most of my paintings are copies of originals with some variations. When I say copied, I don't mean copied by using any technical means. Just copied by hand and definitely not traced.

The English Robin, copied from a Christmas card.

Superstition Mountain, Arizona. I don't think I copied this one.
It was done for my son who was at school out there.

View of Mount Snowdon, North Wales. Copied from Note Card.
Did this one just a week ago.

More paintings next time as we are busy getting ready to go
away for Thanksgiving, so time is of the essence and I have
to post what I have already done.

Computer problems seem to be solved.

Harriet (Sorry, Henrietta) is still with us!


kaybee said...

Your paintings are amazing, Chris! You could make notecards out of them and sell them. I especially love the robin. You are very talented.

I think you have turned the hen into a schizophrenic -- she doesn't know if she's Harriet or Henrietta -- so she's not sure if she's coming or going. In fact she IS coming and going!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving celebration! We all have so much to thank the Lord for.

ChrisJ said...

Sorry about the mix up with Harriet and Henrietta, but I did say whichever name I think of first!

Unfortunately I can't sell most of my paintings because they are copies of someone elses work. Did you see my new ATC's on my ChrisJ Prismera Blog?

Wanda said...

I'm so glad you are posting your art. I love seeing other people's creativity. We all see things from such different perspectives. These are all wonderful. Thanks for more!