Thursday, May 29, 2008

It must be summer!!

It must be summer! The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom all over the city. I hardly had to travel five or six city blocks just to find these shots.

This photo shows bouganvillea which is also in full bloom all over town

This tree is in Holiday park. I-5 is in the background

The Jacaranda is my most favorite tree. The ones shown here are the kind that bloom before their leaves open. My own tree in the front yard is different. It gets its leaves before it blooms. It is just beginning to bloom. I'll get a photo when it finally opens all the way.

Now for the question: is it blue or purple? I insist it's blue. But others don't agree. The same debate arises with the agapanthus which will soon be blooming. To me purple has to be more royal purple. But my husband and I go around and around with the colors blue, green and turquoise. As it happens, colors are only perceived in the brain, so what you see, may not be what I see. Then just to complicate matters, my father was color blind and I may have inherited some of that?!!

FINAL NOTE. The goldfinches have finally found my thistle seed socks. YEAH! It has taken a whole year. So far it is only the lesser goldfinch that has come. It has an olive green back, yellow front and black cap. The true American goldfinch is bright yellow all over with a black cap.


kaybee said...

The Jacaranda trees are so beautiful -- do they have a scent? We have a purple (definitely purple!) lilac tree just outside our office window. It's beautiful, has a wonderful perfume -- but I think I'm allergic to it -- I sneeze all day when I'm working in there with the window open!

claude said...

I do not knox the jacaranda tree. It is very blue. I have two Bouganvilleas Your garden is surely very beautiful !

Betty F said...

Whatever color, They're Beautiful! I miss them a lot here in AZ, and when I travel to see my kids in CA I enjoy them so much. I've always thought they were a light lavender color?
Beautiful pictures. Thank you

Wanda said...

I've been seeing a lot of those trees around here too. They are beautiful!