Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Oh no! Here we go again! This is the big red one (which I will now call Rhoda, for Rhode Island Red, which is what I think she is.) Obviously Henrietta and she are buddies. Look at the mess these two have kicked up on the stepping stones.There are wood chips which you can just see behind them. That bright red thing is the dust pan waiting for me to sweep up chips even further back, from the other day. The MOTH is away so he cannot see all the extra droppings these two have also made, making it hazardous to cross the patio. Rhoda belongs to the nine year old boy next door. When I knocked to ask him to please come and get her, he asked which one it was. So I said "The red one". Then he said "Yes, but is it the one with the dog bite or not?" Dog bite?? It seems the dog two doors away from us got a hold of one. There are dogs at five out of six houses surrounding our house. Well the child caught it, and it wasn't the one with the bite. This one comes to him when he calls. I tried that but she didn't come when I called. Which is just as well since I wouldn't have known what to do with her if she had. Fortunately we haven't put out any new plants for the summer yet. The MOTH will do that when he gets back. But I foresee a LONG, HOT summer. You can't take away a nine-year-old's pet chicken -- can you?

Then as I was inspecting the yard further, look what else I found! They look a little large for Henrietta, but I'm not an expert on these matters.

Yesterday it was raining. So I decided to feed the birds after I came back from my doctor's appointment, but they were already up at the window and perching on the metal screen part of the screen door, pecking at the window very cheekily. Bailey and I stood there only two feet away, but they didn't care. So I fed them before I left.


Betty F said...

I saw your comments on Abe's page and thought I'd look at your blog. I love it. I'm in AZ now but raised my family in Murrieta CA, North East of SanDiego before moving here. I just wanted to say I love your blog and will be back. Thanks! P.S. If I saw a big red rooster in my yard, I'd back away yelling for my husband to come NOW! LOL

Grand Life said...

I also saw your comment on Abe's page and was touch by it. I'm touched by the fact that you don't know where your parents are buried. I didn't know the true circumtances of a great grandmothers death and burial place until 2 years ago. Made a 4 hour detour last month on a trip to put flowers on her grave. I'll visit you often now that I've found you.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess two of my visitors have found your blog, Chris and will return to look at it again. That is good.

I like your "chicken" story and I like chickens a lot. Chickens are pretty smart and it is not uncommon for some to become pets.

I also liked your post today and enjoyed reading it through and I also enjoyed just looking at your pictures.

Have a great week.

There is an old expression here and my parents used it a lot. And my dad did it when mom told him to get a chicken to fix for dinner.

"Wring your neck." was the expression. That is also how my dad would kill a chicken.

duopastorale said...

I'm having trouble deciphering that last photo.... It must be fun having chickens! Blessings :)

duopastorale said...

Egg shells!! Now I see. Thanks Chris. Thanks also for the comment. I've never been to Cliff college but I know of it. It's nice to meet an American who's seen a bit more of the country. God bless :)