Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Light, Birds and Doorways

When we came home from our Thanksgiving vacation last year, we were met with this sight in our circle.
Someone had knocked down a light pole. This is the only light in our circle and it was darker than dark! We phoned the city regularly. Yes, it would only take 13 weeks to replace it. So December went by... January...February... March... April...May....June....

So it was, 24 weeks later when lo and behold..."Let there be light!" At last!

Tonight I sat watching the TV news when there was a terrific racket of birds chirping and calling outside the window. By the time I got my photograph, more than half had flown away. What was making them cause all the racket? Then I saw.....the Scrub Jay. The finches and sparrows must have been afraid for their nests. This must be the third round of nesting that these birds have gone through since February. The light among the bushes was not good enough to take a photo of the Jay.

This is my latest miniature which I copied from the cover of the book "The Inklings" by Jeschke. The book is about the literary group C.S. Lewis began while he was studying at Oxford. It is a very innocuous romance. It was worth reading because of all the details about Oxford University and C.S. Lewis, but I wouldn't number it among my favorites. But I did like the cover!

I have decided to a a series of miniatures like these and call them simply "Doorways" This will be Doorways #2.
Doorways #1 is below.


claude said...

About the light . A proverb says everything comes in due time for everyone who knows to wait for. I hope you understand my bad english.
About the birds . It reminds me the film by Mister Hitchcock.
Your paintings are very beautiful Chris !

Anonymous said...

Patience does pay off - eventually!

Kahshe Cottager said...

Thanks for your visit! I do like your doors!

Jose said...

Hi Chris, let there be light. lol About you using my picture for your project, I think that would be so awesome, please be my guest. I like the ones you have painted already.

Betty F said...

I love your drawings! I love the possibilities of a theme.. Doorways. I'm looking forward to more in your series

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It took that long to fix the light pole??? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Truly an inspirational post for those who are looking for things to do besides watch television. I especially liked the doorways project.

And the issue with the jays is common but most people seldom pay any attention. I just wonder if the birds were becoming used to the light being back and were noticing things they had not seen in the dark.

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Wanda said...

I have enjoyed reading about CS Lewis, and also his books.

Love the doorway project!! Both dors are great. Like that tile roof.