Tuesday, June 24, 2008

...T'uppence a Pack...

I started feeding the birds just over a year ago. Up until now I have inadvertently been feeding possums, rabbits, a chicken and -- now a squirrel. Those I don't mind too much.

But I absolutely draw the line at this! A locust, I think. He's about 3-4 inches long, but look what he has done to one of my favorite plants! I call it a red sword plant because I can never remember its name. Those back legs measure at least 6 inches if stretched out.

If you look at this picture below, it took him only about a day to munch all this (note the spear bottom left), so you will understand why I did not appreciate his presence. I shooed him away the first day. The second day MOTH got rid of him for me. I won't tell you how, someone might object.
I didn't see him today -- or any of his friends, if he has any. So hopefully he has really gone.

Speaking of "gone", MOTH has said that Henrietta has to go. He can't put up with her messiness any longer. He doesn't enjoy the garden and patio any more when it is not clean. So I told him, "Just don't tell me where, when or how!!"

On to happier things...

This church is taken from one of Jose's posts on his blog "Arizona... But it's a Dry Heat". It wasn't easy to do as my white Prisma-color does not show up at all well and the church is mostly white.

It is now part of my series "Doorways " and it is #3.

Thank you Jose for giving me permission to copy this.


Anonymous said...

If you kill a grasshopper (mosquito, fly etc) be careful because at least 10 more will come for the funeral!
Despite MOTH's feelings, we will miss Henrietta!

Jose said...

Oh wow, that is a lot of chewing! Not cool! lol

Chris, the drawing came out beautiful. I thank you for taking the interest in painting one of my pictures.

Jose said...


Betty F said...

What a great painting of the church. Dry heat? hmmm. Hope you're doing well.