Friday, November 7, 2008

Get out the Wet Noodle!!!

I was just looking over my last few posts and realized I'd made a horrible error! Truly horrible to this English teacher and ex-high school principal! I have corrected it now and I'm tempted not to tell you what it was, to see if anyone else had caught it. I think my sister might have, since she is also a writer.

Oh, oh, oh! I abjectly apologize to all my former students, especially those whose hated receiving papers from me covered in red ink! (They're probably not reading this old fashioned blog any way).

O. K. here it is: is this word spelled 'wierd' or 'weird'?

By the way, can a blog be old fashioned? After all, blogs are only a few years old.


claude said...

Error confessed is half forbiden !!!

Jose said...

He he he, you wrote one tiny little word wrong, me on the other hand mispronounce half the diccionary.

Wanda said...

I'm with Jose..... I even have problems after spell check....

kaybee said...

Well, I'm your sister, so even though I caught it, I had mercy on you -- isn't that weird, eh?

I don't think a blog can be considered old-fashioned yet -- but its writer could be! (But not you, though!)

Everycat said...

Hi Chris, thank you for visiting us.

Bailey is very beautiful, we don't see many Snowshoe cats in the UK. Flambourough Head? they certainly see their share of savage weather up there! I would never scratch anyone who had good weather, I might just move in with them though.

James Dyson makes those evil, vortex vacuum cleaners, that we cats hate. There is talk of him being knighted.

I think the "wierd" "weird" issue is often a typing error.

Whicky Wuudler
Still annoyed by the rain.

Ken said...

Isn't it weird that we worry about the spelling in our blogs when some use short forms and acronyms.
Anyway I forgive you.