Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have had to fudge a little on this task sent to me by Wanda. I don't usually participate in these things, but Wanda's my blogger role model. The problem is I don't have six pictures in my sixth folder, so you will have to settle for my fourth picture in my sixth folder or my 2nd picture (making up the number of 6 pictures) in my seventh folder. So here goes:

Fourth picture, 6th folder:

Snow in Toronto last year at Christmas time.
Taken by my sister from their living room window.
Did you really want to be reminded of that much snow so early in the winter?

Second picture (making six in all,) in my seventh folder:

A graphic from my upcoming book, (hopefully) that SHOULD be out in the next three weeks. No, this is not my drawing, but I do like it.
"Lord, I Want to Tell You Something"

There's been a lot of heart-ache, frustration and mis-communication over the past 10 months in my endeavor to get this published how I really want it to be done. It should have been out in July! By the time we get back from our vacation coming up it hopefully will be in my hands.

One more post before we go next week.


kaybee said...

I certainly don't want to be reminded of this much snow -- we've done relatively well so far this year. But the Christmas lights went up in the living room window again yesterday -- maybe they will beckon a snowstorm -- ugh!

So happy to hear abut your book, after all this time. May it be waiting to welcome you home from vacation!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving -- will you get a turkey dinner in Hawaii ??

Anonymous said...

We've had our first snow too - but not much and it is gone (for the moment)! Book looks interesting - keep us posted.....happy turkey day this week (ours was in October)

Jose said...

Only time I saw that much snow was on a weekend getaway to Big Bear. The van we went in was totally covered with snow and it took us about four hours to dig it out. We left the snow on top the roof and it almost make it all the way to Los Angeles. I like to visit the snow but I just know I wouldn't like living where there is this much snow everyday during the winter.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It's cold here now, but after looking at the 1st picture I feel much better. :)

Wanda said...

WOW ` the only place I ever saw that much snow was Lake Tahoe.

Chris ~~ thanks for participating in the little photo meme.

Love the illustration for your book!! You are so so talented!!

Love and Hugs