Friday, January 30, 2009

Tying up Odd and Ends

I finally broke through my 'artist's block'. This is the first drawing I have done in about three months. No real reason that I can identify, except that I kept making excuses for myself ... it takes too much concentration... it was too hard on my eyes...etc. etc. So I made myself concentrate on colors. I find I am very attracted to color and secondarily to form or shape. So I combined three items I saw in a catalog, put my own slant on them and came up with this. I promised myself I would be able to put more colors in this rendition and that gave me the impetus. May have to coerce myself this way again for the next one.

I called this The Circle of Life.

Below is another mural I found in down town Carlsbad -- on the second floor this time. The down town area has some really interesting stores and malls. They are only a couple of blocks from the beach. The stores and buildings are unusual in architectural design, many are in boutique style, and are well worth a visit. The main area is about two block east of I-5 and a couple of blocks on either side of Carlsbad Village Drive, (old-timers call it 'Elm' !). Don't let the monstrous old Encina Power Plant on the ocean front color your impression of our town. It is due to be removed sometime soon -- sadly to be replaced by another one, which is supposed to be put in a more appropriate place and to be more aesthetically pleasing, but that is still in the hands of politicians and city government, I believe.

Thought you might like to see the close-up of that unusual cactus I posted the other day. It has either flowers or fruit. I've never seen one like this before. I have no idea what it is called.

** Today I took another look at that gardenia bush I posted the other day. The buds are just about to open. It looks like it is going to be be quite a display. Photo coming up .

** Bailey seems to be maintaining his weight loss. He is now entirely on diet food.

QUIZ ANSWERS (from the last post): Products of Northumberland UK....
1. Pheasants' feathers

2. Sheep's wool

3. Leeks ( usually associated with Wales)

4. Fish


P.S. There is no new news on Sylvia except that she is fading. I have not been able to see her because of my terrible cold and cough. I will see if she can have visitors tomorrow. Pray for Joe, her husband. He is having trouble accepting what is happening.


Jose said...

Glad you went back to the drawing board. I miss your art.

I too love finding these murals, they tell so much and in many cases look so good. I couldn't help but notice an old school mini truck sanwiched in between a Volvo and a Rover.

My Sylvia (mi chica) always calls me Joe. I had to take a double reading to your last line. Sorry to hear about that too. Get better soon, come on shake that cold.

Wanda said...

I like the circle of life.... nice and lots of details and colors.

I think of Sylvia, as I have a friend Betty up North who is fading and I'm in contact with her daughter by email. So sad to have dear friends fading..the only HOPE is HEAVEN~


RuneE said...

I enjoyed that circle! An "artist's block" (or any one else's for the matter) is just part of the game. You get the when trying to write scientific papers too.

PS Thank you for the comment - You'' see much of this when you go on your trip.

Greg C said...

Darn, fish scales was my second guess. If those are cati seeds please send me some. :)