Thursday, July 9, 2009


Getting tired of the hot weather already?

About six weeks ago this was the scene where I was -- Northern Norway.

I didn't post these photos before because I thought maybe you were getting too much Norway.

This was the day I went to see the huskies. I took this photo because it was such a terrible day -- and so typically what I thought of as Arctic weather. It had just finished pouring with rain.

We were taken into a Lavvo, which seems to be the Sami equivalent of a tepee.

Inside was a beautiful warm fire, a hot drink and some cake. It was warm and dry. (Not the cake!)

Look at that gorgeous fire -- and the kettle already boiling on the fire.

We sat on reindeer skins and it was warm and comfy while the rain pounded on the roof and the wind blew so hard the canvas flapped and waved in the gusts.

Soon the rain stopped and we went outside to see the dogs. See my post of June 21, '09

And look what I saw! Which just about sums up my day!

The really cool thing about going to Norway in May and June is that now we are home we still have gorgeous weather for July, August, September and October -- and we have all those wonderful memories!


claude said...

You certainly had a nice trip over there Chris !
I show some deers on my blog but they have their skins !

Jose said...

Are you kiddin', can't get enough of this. I am loving my virtual trip.

It's very brave of you to put your work on display. The only place I display mine are on my blogs, but I must have more than a hundred by now. Neither of my sons are particularly art lovers, so who knows where they'll end up.

I'll be happy to be the end bucket for your wonderful art. I am thinking on printing the ones you drew of my pictures and putting them on a frame, also Wanda two years ago sent me a set of six cards with her art. I want to frame those too and display them in my house.

Rune Eide said...

Lavvos are one of the "big things" among out-door people these days. Modern versions made of modern materials and can easily be carried are much in use.

I'm glad you managed to keep warm!
You just missed the heatwave: Last week we had many days with temperature well over 30C at our summer cottage outside Bergen. And that is hot enough for me...

kaybee said...

Trust a true Brit to find a cup of tea wherever she goes, even in a Norwegian tepee! The rainbow was a bonus!

Liz Hinds said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for visiting and your kind comments!

As I write it's pouring with rain and thoroughly miserable here in Wales! It's the airshow today and tomorrow too and I think we'll be lucky to see a single plane below these clouds!

Still I found out yesterday that my pregnant daughter is having a baby girl! So how can I be miserable?!!

Hope you have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Like I said to Claude 'I am glad she got to see Yellowstone.'

I am also glad you got to see Norway. The photos you took are very nice. I like the look inside the tipi.

Anonymous said...

what hot weather? We haven't been above 70F since May!!! But I am not complaining - just enjoying your photos whether backyard Norway or whatever....

sandy said...

wow, I wanna do that!