Tuesday, August 10, 2010


D is for DESIGNS    
I really wanted to do something Different for D today but I have too many Deadlines and things that are Due, so I Decided to post a few of my early Designs.  

 A couple of years ago, when I finally Decided to take my painting urges more seriously, I Decided to start by seeing how many Different Designs I could Develop. Being theologically bent  I had already Deduced that creativity is unique to humans -- that is,  the ability to make something out of nothing.  For example, to illustrate this  I would sometimes give my students the task of creating a monster out of their imagination.  Of course every student came up with his own version. So as many children there were, there were as many monsters created. So that is where my idea for Designs came from.  How many unique Designs can the human mind create?  I started with ATC sized cards and Prisma color pencils: 

I did a lot of these.  But then after about 30 or so I felt the Desire to give the Designs some Depth, so I started to include shading and shadows:

You can see how quickly I graduated to flowery Designs:

I was having a wonderful time with colors, both vibrant and soft:

Then I Discovered medallions:

It was a short step from there to objects and scenes -- all on ATC's

So there you have a short summary of my Development  from  being a Dabbler in simple Designs to Doing Decorative Drawings and Depictions.

 By the way, once I hit one hundred  simple DESIGNS  I  Discontinued the project.
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Wanda said...

I think some of your designs would make good "designer" tee-shirts.

Chris, it has really been fun watching your art work develop!

This was a delightful Day of D's.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I am truly impressed with your 100 ATC's! All original! It's wise that you stopped. One tends to forget about everything else when making ATC's.

claude said...

Wonderful post, Chris !
You are reaaly very talented.
I recognize my prison door.
D like Beautiful drawings too !

Gayle said...

I'm impressed by your medallions, but I especially like the door flanked by greenery. I like how you scattered leaves on the ground.

MorningAJ said...

I think you had a bit of a flower thing going on right from the start there! I'm sure that first one is a lotus.

They're all great. I'm not too good with coloured pencils - they don't seem to blend right for me. But you clearly have a talent for them!

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow Chris - loved the designs! Could sense a William Morris type of wallpaper moment! Oh and is that the Flamborough Head I see featured in the latter one? Why Chris - how so very apt eh!


Thanks so much for contributing.

ABC Team

Kim, USA said...

Oh wow I love those designs. I so love playing with colors I even thought of buying a huge coloring book and color it for myself. Coloring books are not for kids right? It's also for kids at heart hehe like me! Happy Wednesday!

ABC Wednesday~D

Autumn Leaves said...

I have to tell you, Chris, that those last five cards especially are just exquisite! Between colors and intricacy right on into the ocean scene...I love them all!

kaybee said...

A delightful D-Day, Chris! I think you should copyright some of those designs - they are masterful and could be used in a myriad of ways if you were to submit them somewhere. I guess knowing where, is the challenge!

Roger Owen Green said...

DELIGHTFUL designs. Wish I had such talent.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

??? said...

Those are really beautiful. My favourite is the door, I wonder where it leads to :)
You asked whether doles can be tamed: from what I've read, the answer is no. Pups seem to be a bit more trusting, but the adults become shy. They are not very common even in zoos. The Tierpark in Berlin, where I took my photos, has it's own TV show and it seems that the zookeepers don't enter the enclosure while the dholes are in it, even though they were born in captivity.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Delightful designs.

Tumblewords: said...

What fun these are. I made 'bookmarks' using pen and ink with a touch of watercolor. After a basketful, I wearied of that and moved on, too. Great use of D's.

Jose said...

I am so proud to own some of your Designs. You're one talented artist.

photowannabe said...

I agree with Wanda, these would make great designer t-shirts.
Love your last illustration. the gulls in their feeding frenzy are terrific.

sandy said...

Wow Chris, great designs, I enjoyed seeing them all. And that car you painted for Jose, wow, one of my favorites.

jabblog said...

How did I miss this wonderful post? I love your drawings and paintings.
Regarding the little dog in the stroller - we have a doggy buggy which we used to transport the late, great Dominie when she could no longer walk very far.