Saturday, June 4, 2011


I think so.  Haven't had any problems today.  I updated my Java stuff; unchecked my sign in box; made sure I sign in and then when I'm done  I make sure I sign out. Do you think that's why  I kept getting whisked back to  the sign in page??? --DUH!  Never bothered with that before.
While I was fiddling around with all the different options I decided to change my banner photo.  I like this one so much better.  It has some drama to it -- especially because it was taken in the middle of JULY.
Incidentally, Robin Lythe's Cave is to the right of the last cave seaward.  You can't see it because it is behind where that cliff juts out.  If you're ever in the district you must go visit.  The entrance is unprepossessing but inside is magnificent. More on that later.

Have a blessed, peaceful Sunday.  He watches over you because He cares for you.


jabblog said...

I think Blogger is just testing everyone's patience . . .

I like your new header - rough seas.

Autumn Leaves said...

I so love seeing photos and paintings of the sea. Beautiful banner (but then so was the old one, Chris).

MorningAJ said...

Ah - I've just realised what it was doing to you. I was having something similar a week or so ago and all you have to do is hit the back button and your comment will still be there (well - mine were) and then hit send again.

Which browser do you use? Firefox gives me less hassle than Explorer.

kaybee said...

I love that photo, Chris - I didn't know Robin Lythe's cave was there.

Glad your blogging/commenting issues are solved!

Wanda said...

I agree, Blogger was testing to see if we are diehard bloggers... Yes we ARE!

Glad you problems are solved, mine seem to be too.

Thanks for your comment about Scuffy, and your medical update. Think of you often, and say a prayer for your continued recover to good health.

The banner is so beautiful!!! Love it.

Elizabeth said...

Now you do realise, Chris, that I shall have to make the trek down to the bay again to find Robin Lythe's cave? This time, i better tell someone where I'm going though!! x

kaybee said...

Can I come with you, Elizabeth?

photowannabe said...

Well i clicked on this to write a comment and it said my cookie browser was disabled. I closed it out and clicked on comment again so here I am. Some I can comment on some I can't and some I have gone on as anonymous (I hate that). Extremely frustrating. I may have to try your last allternative.
Incedentialy I really like your new header.