Friday, August 5, 2011


We have been fortunate enough to have orioles visit our back yard for quite a few years.  We have two kinds that visit here --the Hooded and the Bullock's. This year it is the Hooded Oriole who has come to us.  
Male Hooded Oriole
(Taken last week)

Female Hooded Oriole
(Taken last week)

They usually arrive in April, hang around for a while then move further back from the coast, not very far, but back to where the sun shines most days and there isn't any coastal cloud so they can raise their little ones where it's warmer. 

(Not sure if this a female or a juvenile.  From what I read on the internet it is probably an immature male. That's nice because that means he will probably be back next year. This was also taken last week.)

Then around the end of July, when our coastal weather is hopefully warmer, they come back again.  But they only stay until the middle of August.  They spend their winters in western Mexico. So you see, with just a small window of time when they are around, we are very happy to see them.

Do you think he sees me? He doesn't look very happy.

Whoops! Bottoms up!

We feed them grape jelly. Three or four tablespoonfuls barely lasts them two days, though I have to say the house finches like their share also. The male oriole visits the jelly every 7 or 8 minutes most of the day.  He only stays about three seconds, literally, so I have to tell you these are the best of about 20 shots that I took and they were taken through the kitchen window.  The female will stay a little longer at the feeder but she doesn't come as often as the male.  Probably only another week or so and then they will be gone until next year.

I'll be back!



snafu said...

Your birds are all so colourful, we mostly have such drab colours here. Some nice pictures, you must have been patient to capture them when they stay such a short time.

Autumn Leaves said...

I wonder if these are the same birds I see around these parts. I've been noticing some gorgeous yellow birds the past couple of years and I just assumed they were goldfinches. But I haven't a clue anyway. Fabulous photos and I love the little lesson on their habits, Chris!

Unknown said...

Grape Jelly? My I never heard of birds enjoying a snack of Grape jelly before. have given me an idea now. We have a lot of Finches that comes to the patio here, don't know if there are any Orioles though.

Anonymous said...

don't know what is happening but I cannot blog on this computer - going to try Martyn's - soooo frustrating. On a happier note - love your wildlife

Elizabeth said...

I was just thinking the same as Snafu, Chris. These are certainly more cheering than the average starling. x

Jose said...

Ha ha ha, here I am thinking "Umm I didn't know Chris was a basebal fan. Then I realize orioles are actual birds and not just a basebal team. Nice pics Chris.